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Salutations, netizen! My name is Franklin Hirst and I’m pleased to see your smiling face at my internet doorstop! Come in out of the cold and have a seat while I regale you with articles, infographics, and examples of excellent design from around the world. Would you like a drink? Please, make yourself at home. Ah, thank you, yes, that table was an old heirloom from my mother! She brought it here from the ‘old country’. It’s real leather you know. Could I interest you in some fine, fresh web content on the subject of design portfolios? Oh, it’s no trouble at all, I’ve got plenty of it! You know, that outfit really suits you. Yes, I agree, let’s get down to business. This blog you find yourself eyeing is called esdesignportfolio.com and it specializes in information about design portfolios. What makes them stand out? What strategies can you use when putting yours together and trying to get people to pay attention to it? I myself have authored many a design portfolio in my time as a graphic designer, so I know these and other questions can pose a challenge, especially for those new to the field. Why yes, these shoes are new, thank you for noticing!



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