4 Ways You Can Actually Start to Enjoy Your Space

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4 Ways You Can Actually Start to Enjoy Your Space

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If you?re looking to improve your entertainment room, you?re not the only one. Americans are increasingly interested in reformatting their existing rooms in order to fit their current needs. How often do you actually USE your dining room, after all? Yet it?s space that 20 somethings holed up in little apartments could only dream of. Start actually using your space and enjoying your life! Here?s how.

Get all Your Speakers in Line

If you want an immersive entertainment experience, matching up your speaker system is key for surround sound. Every brand of speaker has a unique sound, and when the sound signal transfers from speaker to speaker, it changes. If you don?t match your right and left speakers, for example, it can detract from making the sound feel as if it?s ?really there? because your brain will process the noise from the two speakers slightly differently (reminding your brain, in order words, that the experience is ?not real?). The front left, right, and center channels are the most important ones, since this is where the majority of action takes place — so concentrate on matching all other speakers to the brand you use here.

Get Better Seating

You?ve invested all this money into building up your entertainment system — only to have your friends and family lounge around on ratty old sofas? No sir. Although this investment can be pricey, it will absolutely be worth it in terms of the comfort you?ll feel — and the impression you?ll make on guests when they see you have leather lounge chairs just like their favorite movie theater.

Get that Popcorn Machine!

A quick search on Google reveals you can get a popcorn machine for as little as $25 — you can even get an adorable ?retro? popcorn machine for just $50. Having homemade, fresh popcorn will absolutely make a difference in your filming experience. Microwave popcorn just isn?t going to cut it here, and that?s a fact!

Invest in Better Cables

Have you been using hand me down cables your mom gave you when you moved out all those years ago? Look into your current options, whether it?s for cat6 ethernet cables or HDMI DVI cables, more likely. Many online companies now offer highspeed HDMI cables that will ensure that the images you see on the screen are more ?lifelike? than ever. Your guests will definitely appreciate the effort. Cat6 ethernet cables are usually used in offices, but in fact they can technically channel the same information as HDMI highspeed cables can.

So there you have it; getting better seating, a popcorn machine, better sound systems, and cat6 ethernet cables can make a huge difference when it comes to creating a great home entertainment system. Would you add anything to this list? Let us know what you think.

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