How to Break Into the Industry as a Video Game Content Designer

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How to Break Into the Industry as a Video Game Content Designer

The video game industry is one of the largest in the world, amassing billions in revenue each year around the globe. If you have always had dreams of becoming a video game content designer and want to do so independently or even for a reputable developer, there are a few steps to keep in mind that can ensure your success. Those who are genuinely committed to working as video game content designer will take the time to prepare their skills and abilities to land a position that is just right for them.

Save Up Money

If you want to work and live as a video game content designer, you may need to prepare financially in order to do so successfully, especially if you have little to no training in the industry. Saving money will help you afford living expenses while tending to skill-building, attending courses, and working on content for developers or your own independent game. If you want to begin saving money, you can do so by learning more about fiscal responsibility and money-saving tactics that will work based on your current income.

How to Set Money Aside

Saving money is much easier to do when you have a budget and a plan of action in place. Find a local credit union or banking institution that you prefer and can trust to open a savings account. Designate a specific amount of money you will save with each paycheck you earn in order to provide yourself with the financial security blanket you need to move forward with your bigger endeavor of working as a video game content designer and developer.

Plan a Strategy

If you are determined to work full-time as a video game content designer, you will want to begin your journey by planning a strategy ahead of time. From brainstorming strategic growth partnerships with other designers and developers to researching companies you would like to work for, immersing yourself in the video game development industry is extremely important. The more familiar you are with the industry, the easier it will be for you to develop a winning strategy of your own, whether you intend to pick up work as a freelance developer or if you want to work as a content designer for a major player in the market.

Build a Powerful Computer

Anyone who is serious about working as a video game content designer understands the importance of having the right tools, including a turbocharging powerful computer. Investing time and money into either building or buying a powerful computer that is designed for editing, developing, and video game designing is imperative once you are serious about living and working as a content designer yourself. The right computer can have a significant impact on your day-to-day activities and your ability to remain as productive as possible.

The Importance of Building a Powerful Computer as a Game Content Designer

As software continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly powerful, requiring better computers and improved processors in order to work smoothly at all times. Investing in a powerful computer that has been designed with the development of video games and graphics in mind will streamline your journey of working towards becoming a game content designer on your own. With a powerful and modernized computer, you will have access to all the top programs and pieces of editing software necessary for you to build your career from the ground up without lagging or dealing with crashing issues.

Figure Out Distribution

If you are planning on working as a video game content designer and you want to do so as a freelancer, you will need to learn more about potential options for distribution. Distributing the content you develop may be possible with online resources and directories or by going to clients on an individual basis. Whether you are creating video game content for a company that promotes Detroit diesel trucks or if your content surrounds customized avatars for an online game, there are many different channels and avenues to consider when you are considering the type of distribution you will require in order to maximize your chances of success.

Stay Away From Substances

When you want to remain dedicated and committed to your venture of becoming a content designer for video games, you will need to stay away from substances to prevent an addiction from developing over time. Because designing video game content can require plenty of hours and a long-term commitment, it is important to maintain a clear and level-headed mindset at all times. Avoiding substances, such as alcohol and drugs, can significantly improve your ability to remain focused while also maintaining a balanced mood and outlook at all times.

Risks of Developing an Addiction

Developing an addiction to substances in any capacity can turn your life upside down, causing you to quickly become distracted from your long-term goals of working as a successful content developer and designer for video games. Addictions can cause social repercussions and physical damage to the body, and they can also take a mental and emotional toll on the mind, especially over a period of time. Steering clear of potentially addictive substances, exercising, and maintaining a healthy social life can all help with mitigating the development of a serious or in some cases, even life-threatening addiction that can occur at any point and time in life.

Target a Demographic

As a successful video game content designer, you will need to know how to go about targeting a demographic, especially when it comes to creating new and unique content for a client. From creating content that is specific to those who are in childcare to developing insightful content for university students, defining a target demographic is key for any video game designer or developer today. The better you understand the target demographic you are creating for, the easier it will be to find the right messaging, design elements, aesthetic, and overall content you need.

Have a Comfortable Workspace

In order to thrive as a video game content designer, you will likely want to take some time to ensure you have a comfortable workspace that provides the ability to create as productively as possible. Investing in a comfortable workspace may include researching ergonomic chairs and furniture or even roller shades that help with blocking out unnecessary light while you are attempting to work. If you want to find inspiration for a comfortable workspace that is right for you, it is possible to do so by referencing local magazines and storefronts and by researching your options online.

Finding Inspiration for a Comfortable Workspace at Home

When you are in the process of building an office at home or carving out a comfortable workspace, you will want to first establish a vision for how you intend to work each day. Consider the number of computers and desks you will require as a content designer and the type of chair that is best for your body’s needs, posture, and physical health. You should also consider the type of aesthetic or atmosphere you will be implementing in order to optimize your ability to focus while maximizing your productivity each day.

Come Up With a Great Game Idea

One of the biggest hurdles you will face when you are pursuing a career as a video game content designer is simply coming up with a great game idea. Researching trends and familiarizing yourself with the demands of the industry will help you keep up with the games that are most likely to succeed. From learning about game mechanics for MMO games to immersing yourself in the world of simulation games, strategy games, and FPS games, there are many different genres to get to know when you want to create a winning game idea that is most likely to succeed.

How to Find a Winning Game Idea

When you are in the process of brainstorming new game ideas for a game about criminal defense attorneys or a game about building a brand-new city from scratch, you can immerse yourself in local and online communities for valuable insight. Joining local gaming communities and even enrolling in online forums and gaming development communities can go a long way when you are learning how to develop game content yourself. Research top-performing games and read reviews to discover which mechanics of the game’s content stand out most.

Taking the time you become a part of the game development and design communities online can be extremely beneficial for anyone working as a content strategist or designer. The more you understand about current gaming trends, the easier it will be for you to create a winning game idea of your own.

Protect Your Work

If you are someone who prefers working on their own and you enjoy creating video game content for independent games or even your own personal projects, you will need to commit time to protect your work legally. Protecting your work legally may include researching trademarks and copyright laws, depending on the type of work you are creating, where it is used, and whether it is currently accessible to the public or not. If you want to learn more about your rights and the process of protecting the work you create, promote, and potentially sell, you can do so by retaining the right attorneys or law firms to remain by your side at all times.

Advantages of Retaining an Attorney

Choosing to retain a business lawyer is always recommended for anyone who is going into a creative business where their work is displayed, used, promoted, or even sold. When you are working as a content designer for video games, you may still want to protect the original artwork or designs you have made yourself, especially if you are working independently or if you have not yet sold the rights to the project you are working on. With the aid of a lawyer, you can ensure that your work is protected at all times, preventing others from taking from your work or outright stealing the designs for their own projects.

Market Yourself

Marketing yourself is key when you want to work as a video game content designer, especially if you have the intention of doing so on your own independently and as a freelancer. In order to stand out among the competition, you will need to consider what sets you apart as a designer and how your content is much better than those around you. Marketing yourself is possible with both local avenues, such as networking events and mixers, as well as by developing your online presence.

Benefits of Marketing Yourself Online

Because the video game content industry is always rapidly evolving, finding work is much easier to do when you choose to market yourself online. Marketing your video game design and content skills online is possible with the use of social media, your own website, and even traditional business directories or freelance websites to find and hire talent. When you choose to cultivate an online presence and following, it also becomes much easier to find the leads you need in order to obtain the work you want for years to come.

Once you establish yourself with an online presence, you will also want to take a bit of time to retain a business attorney you can trust and rely on in your times of need. Protecting yourself financially and legally is imperative once you begin creating video game content for clients, yourself, or even for big box companies. A business lawyer will help protect you while guiding you through the process of signing contracts or new agreements, especially when you are getting started on new projects that require your own time and money.

If you have a vision of living your life as a video game content designer, you can achieve your goals by setting a plan of action in place and developing your skills on your own time. When you understand the industry, you can work towards honing your skills in the right areas as you learn more about design, development, and graphics along the way. The more immersed you allow yourself to be when you are working towards becoming a content designer, the easier it will be for you to achieve the success you have always wanted.

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