Our Top Website Design Tips

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Our Top Website Design Tips

In this segment of Brad Hussey’s web design video, he spills the beans on 30 lightning-fast tips to level up your website game. Buckle up for a crash course in website design wisdom!

First off, Brad dives into the essentials – learn the basics of web design, practice with tutorials, and plan your project with a site map and wireframe. He suggests exploring user-friendly website builders that skip the coding hassle and get cozy with major web design languages.

Typography gets its moment in the spotlight, with a nod to the golden ratio for that aesthetic touch.

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Brad spills secrets on adding animations, playing with primary action colors, and keeping things consistent throughout. But beware – too many fonts can slow down your website, so keep it simple and sweet.

Next, it’s all about catering to your audience. Simple fonts, easy-to-find info, and a watchful eye on load times are key. Brad’s color palette advice? Ditch primary colors and get cozy with Coolhaus Stucco for inspiration.

Alignment takes center stage – left-align that text, center those buttons, and make your call to action impossible to miss. Stick to simplicity, focus on a primary call to action, and create a sticky bar for visibility.

But here’s the secret sauce: join a web design community! Brad spills the beans on the perks – share, ask, give, collaborate, and challenge each other. And if you’re ready for a daily design workout, the Creative X crew is your go-to spot.

Final takeaway? Keep practicing, keep growing. Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, continuous improvement is the key to rocking the website design world. So, go ahead – unleash your inner design ninja!

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