5 Likely In Demand Employment Industries in the Next Decade

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5 Likely In Demand Employment Industries in the Next Decade


College is often expected of graduating seniors. They are expected to choose a college, be admitted, and then attend classes that will prepare them for their future employment. Although college is extremely beneficial in many cases, it is something that requires a careful plan. Many high level career positions actually require much more beyond the associates or bachelor?s degrees. This means that the bachelor?s degree needs to be obtained with the master?s intent and career focus in mind. It is also important to choose a major or career plan that will be in demand when graduation comes. The following industries are expected to grow significantly and be in high demand.

Computer and internet development
The internet and computers have taken a wide leap since they were first developed. This, however, does not mean that there will not be more improvements and developments to come. People are able to access the internet from a variety of devices today, including desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and even tablets. With the existence of the internet of things, graduates with advanced computer and internet knowledge will be needed in the years to come.

Web development and SEO professionals
With the internet becoming even more important in the future than it is today, you are likely to see even more businesses on the internet. In fact, many businesses will be developed for strictly internet purpose. An increase in online businesses will also increase the need for web developers, SEO coders, and development programing. You already see many brand marketing managers shifting toward internet marketing campaigns. This is a particularly strong industry to prepare for.

While online businesses grow and sell more products, there will also be an increase in manufacturing needs, especially in plasma treating positions. Although many believe that these factory lines will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence, there will still be a need for improving such manufacturing lines, as well as distributing goods through supply chain and logistics. Plasma treating positions involve the protective coating of such products. Currently plasma treating positions can only be operated by humans.

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical developers
The world will also always have a need for pharmaceuticals. This is another strong area of growth. Not only will pharmacists always be in demand for filling and monitoring medication filling, but there will always be work for those looking to research and design new pharmaceuticals. As of 2014, there are 368,760 pharmacy technicians working in the U.S. This industry is expected to grow with an even stronger outlook.

Medical field
Almost any position in the medical field remains in demand. People will always require medical care, especially in the form of medical doctors. College students who can make it through the extensive and extremely long education of medical school will have strong job security, even as technology increases and becomes more important. The only change expected is that technology should make the medical positions easier for things like tracking and diagnosing. Those students with knowledge in the medical field and research surrounding the medical industry are likely to find an even greater demand. The existence of the internet has increased people?s need for knowledge. Patients expect more answers and definitive diagnosis. This will require greater research and more accurate of imaging tools.

Technology and research trends change job outlooks. With the importance of the internet to our current world, we can expect a shift in the types of jobs that will be in demand by the time current college students enter the working world. Currently, there are many positions that remain in demand, without enough qualified candidates. Approximately 71% of respondents admit to having a shortage of skilled candidates in their respective sectors for 2014, with 76% for the previous year of 2013. These specific industries make for promising career majors throughout college.
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