5 Tips for Taming Your Cable Clutter

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5 Tips for Taming Your Cable Clutter

With the number of devices that most people use today, it is easy for them to take over and leave any space looking like it is just a nest of snakes. There are ways you can corral all of your USB 3.0 extension cables, power lightning cables, highspeed HDMI cables, and everything else so that you have what you need without creating a giant mess. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Put in wireless technology. There are a number of devices that can go wireless. This is one of the easiest ways to declutter your space. You can work with wireless printers, speakers, and headphones. If your setup requires HDMI cables, you can even get HDMI that is wireless. This is not the cheapest way to neaten up your space but does work well.
  2. Place your devices close to your outlets. It is true that not every space has outlets put in convenient spots but if you can arrange everything so that your devices are closer to the outlets, you lose the need to have longer cables running all over your space. This will also make it safer for you to walk across your rooms with all your equipment.
  3. Put away anything you are not using. It is easy to leave certain power adapters, USB 3.0 extension cables, charging cables, and other things that add to the mess, after you have added a newer cable or adapter. If you get into the habit of putting away the items you are replacing with newer and better versions, you may be surprised by how much space you get back. Some people estimate that cords and chargers that are not being used can make up the bulk of the clutter. You can also get travel organizers and other accessories to really keep everything neat and tidy but a ziplock bag can work just as well. If you do plan to travel with your devices and their cords and cables, having a travel organizer may be a “must buy” item. They can be really helpful when you are on the road.
  4. Take care when you are arranging your cables, cords, and adapters. One way to keep an area with a lot of USB 3.0 extension cables, adapters, and other cables neat and clean is to start out with a tidy arrangement. When you first set everything up, take some time to start out with a neat set up. If you put everything down in a haphazard way, you will start out with a mess, which will only get worse over time. It is absolutely worth it to start with a neat space.
  5. Use ties to keep your cables together. When you are getting the cords and cables that you need for all of your device and power needs, you may find that these items often come in lengths that are just way too long for just about everyone’s needs. This leads to you having multiple feet of cabling behind your furniture or entertainment system. One way to clamp down on that nest of snakes is to tie them all together. One way to tidy up this area is to coil up your cables and cords. You can then keep them in that shape by using velcro straps or zip ties, whichever looks better to you. This is really good for cords and cables that do not need to be moved a lot. They work great for HDMI cables but might not be the best for USB 3.0 extension cables.

The problems associated with a messy mix or jumble of cables, cords, and adapters are not merely of an aesthetic sort. When you have a number of these items crisscrossing the floor, they can be safety hazards as anyone can trip over one of them if they are not looking. Moreover, when you have cables and cords just looking like the nest of snakes, in some instances, they can be fire hazards. Whether you want to straighten your area to make it look better or create a more safe environment, these five tips should help bring order to the madness.

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