Benefits of using a Zebra barcode printer

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Benefits of using a Zebra barcode printer

Zebra barcode printer

These days, warehouse slotting software and equipment, which provides solutions that can help warehouse staff improve productivity as well as safety, is available at an affordable price point that makes it approachable for any distribution center operator. BCI, an Elite Premier Parter with Zebra technologies, offers Zebra barcode printers that will change the way that you run your distribution center.

By using Zebra printers, many different types of labeling solutions (such as those for cases, pallets, packing, shipping, and so on) can be expedited by using on demand labeling systems. Zebra barcode printers also work in conjunction with several different kinds of barcode scanners, include wand scanners, handheld scanners, cordless scanners, and more; there is a scanner for every job. By using standard automatic information and data capture (or “AIDC”) equipment such as RFID chips, magnetic stripes, and QR codes, your AIDC data equipment can identify objects in your distribution center, and collect and organize data concerning those objects, all without human involvement.

In addition to offering Zebra barcode printers, Zebra thermal printers, and Zebra label printers at the most competitive prices, BCI also provides a very high level of customer satisfaction due to the technical training their specialists have undergone, and their extensive knowledge of the entire Zebra product line.

Contact BCI to find out more about Zebra barcode printers, and how they can help you make your distribution center or warehouse more organized, streamlined, and efficient. Once you see how affordable Zebra barcode printers are, and how much more efficiently you will be able to run your business once they are implemented, you will wish that you had looked into them sooner. Do not delay; your competitors may be improving the way they do business with Zebra barcode printers already, and you do not want to get left in the dust by competition with superior technology at their disposal! See this link for more references.

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