Building Your Fluid Bed Roaster

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Building Your Fluid Bed Roaster

Fluid bed granulation process

Adding a circulating fluidized bed is a clean process that gives you the ability to lower your emissions and pollutant output. While it was commonly used in the gas, power and electrical industry, there are now numerous applications across food processing and chemical production industries. For the coffee industry, the fluid bed roaster has become a critical part of the roasting process, allowing you to scale your operations efficiently for distribution. With some preliminary research, you can find the right fluid bed roaster for your production needs.

Before you begin to specify different parameters for your air fluidized bed, you can use CFD simulation software to view the fluid dynamics, in order to better predict your results. By talking with industry colleagues and firms, you can get an overview of the different vendors available to supply your fluid bed roaster. This should give you the added benefit of understanding what benefits other firms have developed from using a similar system. Then you can look at online review sites to determine differences between the various vendors and their systems.

In addition to using online reviews in your research, you can also look at industry association resources and speak with colleagues for referrals related to purchasing a new fluid bed system. While some of this guidance may be available in case studies and white papers, you should also look for opportunities to review their systems and processes firsthand. Occasionally, you may be able to tour other facilities to find the best solution for your production needs.

Regardless of which fluidized bed drier and system you select, it can help you increase your capacity, improve efficiency during the manufacturing process, improve the coating and treating of your particulate components, and minimize any quality control problems affecting your final output. Your initial research should help you ask the right questions and to make the best decisions on fluid bed equipment when it comes time to solicit quotes and proposals.

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