Cables The Synapses of Technology

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Cables The Synapses of Technology

500 ft ethernet cable

It’s a scenario every gamer dreads: Running through a scenario with intense graphics that demand considerable bandwidth and a latency that keeps the game moving, and the gaming device, whether run on a computer or a console, suddenly slows down to a crawl.

Even with high speed Internet, a stable and efficient connection between devices is necessary for increased performance. It goes well beyond gaming, whether at a personal or competitive level, and speaks to the challenges faced by companies that utilize complex technology and depend on it for functionality.

One aspect of this dependence on technology comes from the health industry, where one institute indicates that 7% of nurses’ time is spent documenting vital signs, where connections through cables like a network ethernet cable are counted on to continue performance without disruption.

Some of the cables used for performance in institutions companies include usb cables, extension cables, lightning cables, and fiber optic cables. The importance of these cables boils down to the need for increased but dependable performance.

Take, for instance, the 75 ft ethernet cable. They are designed by manufacturers not just to cover a great length but to communicate information between devices at an incredible pace to avoid disruptions in service. And long cables up to 100 ft do not affect audio and video quality. It’s only when a cable over 100 ft is needed that it may be necessary to get an hdmi high speed cable.

Some say the benefits of increased connectivity, which the 75 ft ethernet cable and others provide, could save companies and organizations a great deal of money. The West Health Institute has reported that hospitals could save more than $30 billion per year by connecting devices such as vital sign monitors, smart pumps, and ventilators. 4,000 chief nursing officers were surveyed and 7% indicated that outdated hardware is a barrier for medical device connectivity.

For companies that utilize a significant amount of technology, the importance of connectivity is paramount. Any given company may have a proliferation of different hardware that needs to be connected. These can include routers, modems, servers, and others. This is where cables like ethernet cables prove useful and even necessary. They enable quick communication with a high processing speed for information to keep the system humming along.

Long cables like the 75 ft ethernet cable can be used to connect devices that are separated by a great deal of distance but still need the high performance capability. A room filled with servers that need to share information may need numerous long cables that operate with high performance.

While Wi-Fi networks enable use with convenience, an ethernet cable can still be used for high performance without the disruption sometimes caused by a faulty Wi-Fi signal. It’s for more than just gamers and stretches to industries like the tech world and healthcare.

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