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Concrete Steps To Take When Rectifying The Problem Of Employee Retention

In recent years, employee retention has become an issue not just in one part of the working world or a mere few, but throughout the workforce in its entirety – at least here in the United States. In fact, data going all the way back to the year of 2015 has found that people have been leaving their jobs, in high rates, on a voluntary basis for quite some time now. After all, the June of 2015 alone saw more than two and a half million people voluntarily quit, marking a growth in the number of people leaving their positions by nearly one quarter from the June of the previous year, the year of 2014.

What could be the cause of this? Unfortunately, many people have taken to blaming the Millennial employees who have become such a large and vital part of the workforce as we know it today. With more than half of all Millennial employees stating that they would leave their current position if offered a better one, it should come as no real surprise that they have been labeled quite conclus

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