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Interesting Genres for Developers Running Video Game Startups

If you’re a developer with experience running video game startups, you’ve probably learned a thing or two about what genres are most popular with the current consumers of the gaming industry. While there are as many genres and flavors of video games out there as there are people who play them, some genres are more…
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10 Excellent Subjects for Any Design Portfolio

A quality design portfolio is a great way to showcase your creativity, expertise, and skills to potential employers and project managers. Yet, you may only have relevant samples if you’re starting. A strategic way to maneuver this is to select subjects and create spec samples to showcase. Your portfolio will depend on the subject you…
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10 Great Places to Submit Graphic Design Commission Work

Working as a graphic designer is a great way to get creative for a living, whether you are doing so for a design firm or independently. If you are looking for a way to work on solo projects, consider graphic design commission work that may be available near you. If you are new to the…
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10 Clients to Get Your Web Design Life Started

The web design life can be highly fulfilling and fun with the added benefit of working from wherever you want in many cases. With that said, getting your web design life started and building a good career can be quite a daunting task. Well, buckle up those designer boots, because we’ve got a lineup of…
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10 Businesses That Need IT Support and Maintenance

Opening any new business can seem daunting, but when you open an information technology support firm, you wonder how many clients you’ll have. Do you target residential or commercial customers, or do you advertise to both? You choose whether you want to specialize, but many IT support businesses find a ready customer base in local…
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practical online portfolio

Why Your Contracting Business Needs a Practical Online Portfolio

You’ve probably heard that freelance professionals have a practical online portfolio. Journalists, graphic designers, and photographers use them for an online presence. Could an online portfolio benefit your contracting business? In this post, you’ll learn ten reasons to get a practical online portfolio as a contractor. 1. Showcase Your Past Projects If you’ve been in…
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The Key Differences Between Cable, DSL, and FTTH Providers

Have you ever wondered how your connection to the Internet works? The video gives excellent insight into the three types of Internet connection: cable, DSL, and fiber. Broadband cable is a high-speed access technology that uses a cable modem with an attached coaxial cable which provides a link to the Internet service provider. The latter…
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The Functions of Environmental Test Chambers

Perhaps environmental test chambers sound futuristic, but, in reality, they are used daily and currently. According to this video by “Scientific Climate Systems,” they are essential to manufacturing businesses and others for various reasons. The video explains how environmental test chambers are designed and built by their experienced company for each manufacturing customer by custom…
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develop a well-rounded graphic design portfolio

How to Develop a Well-Rounded Graphic Design Portfolio That Attracts Small Business Clients

One of the best ways to attract graphic design clients is to create an impressive portfolio. One of the first things you should ensure is to represent yourself honestly. Being honest helps you establish credibility with prospective clients. This is one of the ten straits of in-demand graphic designers. It would be a mistake to…
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Heres Why Online Gaming is Actually Beneficial

Over the years, video games, whether disk, cartridge, or online gaming, have gotten a bad rap for being unproductive and lacking meaning. Video games have also been credited with increased levels of addiction, aggression, and depression. However, video games offer gamers many benefits that might help offset their drawbacks. Video Source Read below about why…
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