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Are Managed IT Services Just Hype?

What are managed IT services and are they actually as important as the buzz surrounding them would suggest?

General Definition

In general, managed IT services offer business the opportunity to put all of its IT solutions and IT management onto an outside entity. This entity monitors and manages the systems 24 hours a day and provides the go-to problem resolution for all that business’ IT systems.

Early IT

The first outside IT management was really just run by individuals, often amateur networkers who had taught themselves, who were responsible for setting up simple network systems for individual companies. For the most part, the company would run as normal until something broke. When that thing broke, the company would call the person who had set up the system. That person would, hopefully, be able to fix whatever had gone wrong.

IT Advancement

The next step in managed IT services came when people developed programs to do periodic checks of the system even if it

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