Don’t Risk Losing Valuable Consumers Mobile-Optimize Your Website

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Don’t Risk Losing Valuable Consumers Mobile-Optimize Your Website

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Responsive web design is becoming increasingly important for website owners, as the use of smartphones and mobile devices has expanded exponentially in recent years. This type of design could prove crucial for retail websites, as about 55% of browsers spend their time on these sites using mobile devices. Also, mobile website sales in the U.S. increased about 68% from 2012 to 2013. This means that a mobile-optimized site could result in a significantly higher profit for retail website owners.

Some of the top performing ecommerce websites have taken this consumer demand seriously. In fact, 63% of Fortune 500 companies have invested in optimal website design to sustain a high quality experience for consumers. They have worked with flash developers, logo design experts, and high end corporate web design companies to ensure that their website is navigable, user-friendly, and mobile device-friendly. This also impacts a company’s overall image, as according to Margin Media, almost half of all web surfers think that a site that is not mobile-optimized indicates that a company does not care about its website.

Part of designing a mobile-optimized site includes making sure that any graphics, 3D animations, and music or video streaming are carefully implemented by flash developers. A typical site takes a little more than 7 seconds to load, and additional graphics and videos can add to this wait time. For the average mobile user, 7 seconds is already too long. They want a site to load within a few seconds, or they will end up moving on to the next available website.

With so many millions of users connected to the web 24 hours a day with smartphones and mobile devices, it is more important than ever for website owners to invest in high quality, mobile-friendly, responsive web design. As technology continues to improve, websites must keep up with the changing demands of consumers, or risk losing critical traffic to their site, and ultimately, suffer a decrease in sales. Learn more about this topic here.

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