Embrace New Computer Technologies and Try Managed Services

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Embrace New Computer Technologies and Try Managed Services

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Your company may be ready to embrace new computer technologies, but without adequate support from your staff, you can be sure that the efforts will fall flat. Furthermore, you know that it is just not in your budget to keep an entire IT department running, so your small business IT services get shuffled around from employee to employee. This scenario does not have to be as serious as it seems at first. Managed service providers can help you save costs, and get the tech support that you need to really take advantage of new computer technologies.

  • Save costs.
  • Every-day management tasks take time and resources away from companies, so by outsourcing those tasks you can be more cost effective. On top of every day activities, downtime takes its toll. Did you know that in the United States, the average company experiences downtime for three hours every week? Downtime means a devastating combination of lost revenue and increased expenses. By switching to managed services an average of 50% of firms realized a 25% reduction in expenditures, and 13% realized a 50% reduction!

  • Get everything you need, and nothing you do not.
  • Managed services are flexible, which means that you can easily find the services that match up with your needs. For example, if you need website hosting and design, then that is one thing, but if the design has already been taken care of then look for managed services simply specialized around business website hosting. New computer technologies make it possible for managed services to address everything from website hosting, to your internet phone service. If you need VOIP service providers then it can be helpful to start with talking to managed service providers.

Approximately 54% of customers are unhappy with the tech support that comes with their technology. Fully embracing new computer technologies can be difficult if you do not have the IT department to support those efforts, so consider managed service providers as an option to help you save costs, and also support your technology needs.

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