Four Common Drupal Mistakes All Beginners Make

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Four Common Drupal Mistakes All Beginners Make

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Did you know, according to Built with, Drupal enterprise support functionality is used by 18,000 of the top websites in the world? In fact, as the statistics show, that number has been steadily rising and will continue to do so into the future.

As Tech Republic writes, Drupal development is increasingly popular with businesses, bloggers, and anyone else looking to build a great looking website and get themselves noticed. With greater development capabilities than other CMS on the market, namely WordPress and Joomla, and with the Drupal development process thought to be somewhere between the two in difficulty, the Drupal CMS is considered to be the best of both worlds. With this being the case, it’s no surprise that the platform has been downloaded millions of times, giving rise to almost 23,000 Drupal custom modules to improve the platform’s functionality, according to

Unfortunately, not everyone has the programming or design abilities to build a great site by themselves. Even so, many remain too stubborn to turn to professional Drupal development services. If this sounds like you, then at least try to avoid the four most common mistakes new Drupal developers make when using Drupal enterprise support or that for a great blog site.

  1. Forgetting Multi-language Support
  2. Bidon, a Canada-based Drupal development blog, points out that too many businesses forget to add multi-language support to their websites. Say, for example, that many of your biggest clients live in Japan or Korea, yet you neglect to install the proper language packs that will allow your site to display those languages properly. In effect, you’re alienating those customers and completely wasting the potential for Drupal enterprise support.

  3. Failure to Plan
  4. No matter what CMS you use or what sort of web marketing campaign you’re cooking up, failing to make a sensible strategy for development and release is the best way to put out an inferior product. Before you do anything with Drupal enterprise support, sit down and decide what your objectives are for your website. From there, you can design a page that will accomplish those goals.

  5. Stuffing Too Much into the Features Module
  6. A Nerds Space, a Drupal community run by developers, suggests that one of the worst mistakes to make in Drupal development is adding too many things into a single features module. Consider, if you use your features module for text configuration, a video streaming app, and other features and you need to undo one mistake, you risk erasing everything in the module. Separate your features.

  7. Not Backing up the Site Before Updates
  8. According to, novice Drupal developers regularly forget to backup their work before making significant changes. What happens if your update breaks your site and you have no idea how to fix it without an “undo” button? Unless you want to start from scratch every time you make a mistake, make backup copies of your build.

Using the increasingly popular Drupal CMS can be the best way to build a high-quality website to generate a web following. However, there is definitely a learning curve to the system. Avoid these common development mistakes and increase your success with the platform. Find more on this here:

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