Graphic Design Portfolios for Up and Coming Professionals

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Graphic Design Portfolios for Up and Coming Professionals

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Not so long ago, a career in graphic design was a hot career choice for people with a penchant for visual arts. Prior to the Great Recession, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that the market for graphic design jobs would increase by 13 percent by 2018. Although just about every industry, with the possible exception of healthcare, was affected by the recession, the career outlook for folks with the skills to create computer visuals, and supporting web designer portfolios to prove it, remains fairly robust.

Before computers were created, if a person planned on earning a stable income, choosing a career in the visual arts was among the worst decisions a person could make. Sure, there were jobs and advertising and sign making, but how many ad artists did companies need?

During those days, a career in graphic design was pretty limited, so people with training in the visual arts pretty much had the choice fighting over the few jobs there were, teaching art part time, or living in poverty. Now that we find ourselves in the digital age, computer graphic design capabilities generated more career possibilities for visual artists and graphic designers than ever before.

Since the internet has become woven into the fabric of almost every facet of modern life, the trained people with graphic design skills were more in demand than over. Unfortunately, even the hottest career fields must even out at some point. As it happened with school teachers, and is now happening with nurses, a field with a surplus of jobs is now approaching the saturation point. Still, the Center for Labor Statistics still expects average job growth within the industry.

Essentially, this means there will always be work for the most skilled graphic designers. But in order to distinguish themselves from the quotidian masses, it is essential for each of them to provide design portfolio examples to potential employers. Obviously, if aspiring graphic designers do not have stellar web design portfolios, employers will never look at them.

The bottom line is all graphic designers should focus on creating exemplary designer portfolios that feature their very best work. To get an idea of the number of highly skilled designers that are out there, it is a good idea to do a quick Google search for designer portfolios. This can also give them some new ideas that could help them enhance their own!

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