Microsoft Reportedly Plans to Shift to Mobile Cloud Services

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Microsoft Reportedly Plans to Shift to Mobile Cloud Services

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While most modern computer users likely can’t imagine a world without Microsoft, the company is younger than many people realize: it celebrated only its 40th anniversary on April 4, 2015. The past few years have been tumultuous for the brand, with competition from Apple and other companies often stealing the spotlight with their revolutionary innovations. However, as Microsoft moves towards the half-century mark, its CEO is implying that the cloud is the company’s future.

Before Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft, he held another managing role in the company as the head of its Azure Cloud Computing program. For this reason, perhaps, Nadella says he sees a lot of potential in cloud computing services. Now, as he plans a way for the company to move away from a business model that focuses only on its often mocked product Windows, many experts are predicting that he will use cloud-based technology to begin offering a wide range of services and solutions. According to an interview with the Australian Financial Review, this will almost certainly include mobile cloud services, perhaps even as a first step for the computer giant.

“Mr. Nadella’s biggest achievement so far is that he has given Microsoft a coherent purpose in life, as it enters its fifth decade,” the AFR reports. “He sums it up in two mottos. One is “mobile first, cloud first”….the other is “platforms and productivity.”

Given the ever-growing popularity of mobile cloud services, cloud security assessments and cloud broker services, this philosophy could be an effective change, helping Microsoft beat out its ever successful competitors. However, it also raises a few questions: for example, what will this change mean for Microsoft’s other products, like Xbox, Bing and Nokia? According to the AFR, analysts have predicted that Microsoft will break them up into smaller companies with shares in their parent organization. But will the switch to mobile cloud services be successful? Will Microsoft be able to innovate their way into another successful four decades? Only time will tell.

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