Put together a memorable portfolio

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Put together a memorable portfolio

Design portfolio

Anyone that has gone through school for art or design probably at one point or another was told about the importance of design portfolios. They may have been shown some design portfolio examples, so that they could prepare for their eventual job hunt. Those that are looking for a job in web design may want to see more examples of web design portfolios, so that they can create the best collection of their works possible. Web design portfolios, like a graphic design portfolio, is all about making the best impression possible.

When looking through web design portfolios, those interested in applying for jobs eventually will want to see how they are laid out. These days, most portfolios are reduced and handed over on a CD that can be read by a computer. If however people decide to keep a copy of their designer portfolio on paper, they will want to make sure that it is clean, crisp and easy to navigate. A confusing layout would be all a prospective employer needs to throw one of the web design portfolios they are looking at into the trash.

The right web design portfolios should contain only what the designer considers to be their best work. If they include too many pieces, they may bore the person that has to look through it. If there are too many second rate projects, a prospective employer may miss the good stuff entirely, and decide not to call back someone who is actually very talented.

The best web design portfolios should also have ones contact information clearly labeled somewhere, either in a file or right on top of the case. For the designing world, web design portfolios are part showcase, part resume. People that want to keep themselves fresh in the minds of those that will have to view them should make sure that they see their name, phone number and email address prominently, so that they can be contacted easily if they peak the prospective employers interest.

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