So Many Cables So Little Time

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So Many Cables So Little Time

Having all of those cables around your home that belong to different things and have specialized plugs for different things can be a difficult means to absorb and navigate through. If you have trouble figuring what the highspeed HDMI cable is from the lightning cable or even the USB cables, than perhaps it is time for a refresher so that maybe the next time you’re sifting through that box of long spindly wires you can pick out exactly the one that you want and you’ve been looking for in record time rather than trying out fifteen different wires for things that just simply don’t work or fit correctly.

Cat6 Cables

Category 6 cables, or better known as cat6 cables are fast Ethernet cables. They are able to handle 250 MHz unlike the Cat5 cables that could only handle 100 MHz. If you’re looking for faster internet, than it is the Cat6 cable that is going to be the right type of cable to give you the faster internet and help you to get that optimized internet experience that you’ve probably been paying your cable provider for. These are not always facts that your internet provider easily shares with you.

HDMI Cables

What HDMI means is High-Definition Media Interface. This type of cable is so that you’re receiving high definition video and audio to your television or computer. These cables are the ones that are going to help you to get the best picture possible on your television. Unlike when it used to be the three different yellow, red, and white wires, it is now simply the HDMI cable that helps you to maximize your viewing standard with just a simple single cable.

Highspeed HDMI Cable

A highspeed HDMI cable is the cable that is used to go beyond resolutions of 1080p right up to 4K, Deep color and 3D. This means that it is the top of the line cable that is going to provide you with the optimal viewing experience as fast as possible without you ever getting that grain that comes along with any older views of televisions. These highspeed HDMI cable lines are the best views that you could possibly have for your television and make you feel as if you are right inside of the movie or show that you’re watching.

Lightning Cable

The lighting cables are usually among the easiest cables to distinguish. Introduced by Apple, these cables are the ones that are used to charge everything from your cellphone to your tablet. These cables are thin and have tiny pins on a white base that connect straight to your phone to charge it and prove a pump of power to any dead battery. For many people your cell phone cable is the one that you can’t forget or get mixed up with the others.

USB 2.0 Cables

USB 2.0 cables are the ones that plug into your items such as your printers or cameras. They provide you with the charging method for many of these items and are the reason that you are able to use them over and over again. These cables come in various lengths and usually plus into different things, hence the reason there are probably a million of them stuck in every crevice of your cords draws.

While all of these cables may seem completely unnecessary, they all have the ability to different things and to charge different items in your home. Don’t let the amount of cables scare you off, all of these things have a functioning purpose or could even be repurposed for other items in your home. The next time you find yourself wondering why there are so many cords and cables, just remember that they all have specific things to do and reasons that they are used.

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