Things to Consider Before Investing in Microsoft Volume Licensing

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Things to Consider Before Investing in Microsoft Volume Licensing

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Microsoft Volume Licensing is an easy way for businesses small and large to snap up the software licenses they need at a reduced price, but it can come with some challenges. Microsoft is the most aggressive software auditor in the business; in a survey, 58% of respondents reported a Microsoft audit in the last year. Companies that were found non-compliant in their software usage were heavily fined.

So how can you take advantage of Microsoft Volume Licencing without incurring Microsoft software compliance fines?

To answer that question, we need to first understand what Microsoft Volume Licensing is.

Individuals often purchase software from a store, complete with packaging, installation disks, and user guides. All of these components add to the total price of the software. The Microsoft program allows businesses large and small to bypass these costs by purchasing licences directly through them for multiple computers within an organization.

When you buy through the Microsoft Volume Licensing program, you only pay for the license itself, even though physical components like installation discs and support documents may be provided as well. This reduces costs and simplifies Microsoft software licensing management.

Microsoft provides license packages that are tailored to certain business sizes, and that’s where things get tricky.

It can be tempting to buy licenses in bulk, but you still may end up paying for more than you need. If you find that you and your employees never use one of your licensed programs, you may be wasting money. In addition to over purchasing licenses, you may accidentally purchase programs your computer system can’t support, which leads to more wasted funds.

This is where software asset management systems come in. Software management systems organize and track your licenses so you can see what you’re using, what you’re not using, and what you need to purchase next. They allow you to go into license negotiations with a clear idea of what you want for your company.

If your business is at the point where you’re utilizing Microsoft Volume Licensing, you need to have a system in place to organize your licenses, or you may be in trouble at your next audit. Read more here.

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