Three of the Most Exciting Exhibits From the Early Stages of This Year’s San Diego Comic Convention

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Three of the Most Exciting Exhibits From the Early Stages of This Year’s San Diego Comic Convention

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The San Diego Comic Convention is one of the biggest and most important events in all of nerdom. It’s where months of brand development strategies climax or begin, where the small, kickstarter underdogs can catch pop culture’s attention or where even the best creative agency can fall flat on its face.

It’s the one event where nothing can be held back, and it always delivers. This year’s SDCC kicked off this week, and so far there’s already been some good buzz around a few exhibits.

New Movie Posters.

After months of fan speculation and teasing, production companies have finally released a few posters for some of sci-fi and fantasy’s most anticipated movies. Amongst the titles that finally have had their marketing artwork released are “Jurassic World,” a reboot of the Jurassic Park series; “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies,” the final installment to Peter Jackson’s LOTR prequel trilogy; and “Ant-Man,” an underdog superhero movie from creative agency Marvel.

Batfleck’s Cowl.

Last year, DC won the San Diego Comic Con by dropping a nuclear bomb of an announcement revealing that the sequel to “Man of Steel” would feature none other than the dark knight himself, the caped crusader Batman. At this year’s SDCC, the creative agency is displaying the new suit that will be worn by Ben Affleck in the upcoming release.

Jaeger Pilot Program.

Creative agency Legendary Pictures has the most ambitious of all SDCC exhibits. Partnering up with Occulus VR, the production company is letting SDCC attendees pilot one of the giant mecha robots from their movie, “Pacific Rim,” through the VR headset. The creative agency’s exhibit even lets participants do battle with one of the movie’s giant monsters.

The San Diego Comic Convention is where a top creative agency’s brand development strategy can win or fail either before they have the chance to get going or after months of hard work. Helpful sites.

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