Three Shocking Facts About Network Security at Small Businesses That Will Blow Your Mind

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Three Shocking Facts About Network Security at Small Businesses That Will Blow Your Mind

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As the world becomes increasingly reliant on advanced computer services and technologies to operate on a daily basis, even small businesses with only a handful of employees are beginning to adopt to things like cloud technology and implementing their own server rooms. In fact, almost all daily business is now conducted over the Internet.

And it might just shock you to know how vulnerable many of these business’ sensitive data can be, especially when stored on an independent server. These days, small businesses should make network security management a top priority — as no enterprise is 100% safe from a data breach.

Is your small business handling its network security systems as well as it should be? Find out with this glimpse at just three of the most shocking facts about network security at small businesses all across America:

Small businesses are far from immune to data breaches

It might be easy to think that hackers only target large corporations — these large-scale data breaches are all we tend to see in the news, after all. However, hackers will target smaller businesses with weak network security just as much, if not more than, large companies. In 2012 alone, a shocking 87% of small businesses dealt with a network security breach.

The majority of cyber attacks come from inside a business

Did you know that most small business network security management threats come from within, not outside, the business itself? About 57% of small businesses have experienced a staff-related cyber breach over the last few years. Disgruntled employees or people who have just been fired will frequently leak their employer’s sensitive data.

Cyber breaches are shockingly preventable

An incredible 80% of data breaches take place due to weak passwords — passwords like 1234, password and similarly simple passwords all give hackers an easy way to access your business’ networks. Simply encouraging your employees to change their passwords often and make their passwords difficult will boost your network security in a big way.

Have any other questions about network security management for small businesses or how IT managed services providers can help? Let us know in the comments below.

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