Tips for How to Market Your Romantic Retreat

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Tips for How to Market Your Romantic Retreat

In the age of coronavirus and social distancing, a romantic retreat might be the last thing on the minds of consumers.

However, this is the top priority for the tourism business, including the many hotels, bed and breakfasts, and romantic lodging operations that hope to win your business when this is all over. Many people are expected to invest in traveling and vacations following the government lockdown. This is especially true for the individuals who had to cancel or reschedule trips as a result of the shelter in place order.

Marketing your romantic getaway right now is one of the best ways to drum up business for when the coronavirus lockdown finally comes to a close. After all, the social distancing efforts we’ve been making have given us plenty of free time to start planning a trip. With this extra free time, soon-to-be tourists can shop for the best outfits for the trip, plan the perfect itinerary for a romantic getaway, and compare some of the best deals on the market right now. If your business is not actively seeking new customers through digital marketing techniques, you’re going to lose out to other local vendors as a result.

The tourism industry is only going to heat up when the coronavirus threat comes to an end. Here are some of the top aspects you should be focusing on as you learn how to market your romantic retreat.

Lodging amenities

One of the most important qualities in your romantic retreat isn’t the city it’s in or the temperate climate: it’s your lodging. If you don’t have the right amenities, experienced tourists will not want to stay at your romantic getaway, no matter how quaint it is.

There are a few top factors to consider when you’re learning how to market your romantic retreat’s amenities, including:

  • Electronics: If you have state of the art electronics in your home that guests can use, this is another huge amenity you should be advertising. After all, guests will want to cozy up with their significant other at the end of a long day spent exploring. If you have a large television streaming apps with a multitude of shows, this can truly set you apart from your competitors. Hooking your WiFi up to work with cloud storage settings among your guests is another good idea as long as you have a secure system and wipe your drive often.
  • Hot tubs and pools: All hotels and lodgings are expected to have a shower or tub, but a romantic getaway should add a little “oomph” to your guests’ cleanliness routine. A hot tub is innately romantic since they’re big enough to hold at least two people and are considered a luxury by most. If you have an outdoor hot tub, be sure to set the stage with romantic lighting in your pictures to make your guests feel like they’re really there. If you have luxury sliding glass doors leading out onto the patio or veranda where the hot tub is stationed, this can look all the more romantic for a couple looking to unwind. According to Lodgify, a hot tub can boost the price of a nightly stay by as much as $31, making it a sound investment for people who are on the fence about buying one.
    At the same time, you can advertise the benefits of enjoying a great pool. Who wants to spend time at the beach when you can indulge in the privacy of a pool with your significant other? Keep these tips in mind, especially if you live in the mainland with little access to the beach. With summer right around the corner, couples will want to cool down on their vacation, even if they’re looking to heat up their relationship.
  • Food and beverages: It’s becoming increasingly common for romantic getaway locations to offer food and beverages at no additional cost (or a small fee). Going the extra mile and showcasing delicious chocolate boxes, cheeses, and wine can give you a leg up over the competition. This doesn’t need to be top-shelf stuff for you to make an impact; truly, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to how to market your romantic retreat.
  • Comfort, comfort, and more comfort: No romantic retreat would be worth its salt if it didn’t feature a big, comfy bed. Even if you have an older bed in your room, fitting the mattress with a quality mattress topper can save you tons of money while still providing the best in comfort for your guests. Outfit the bedroom with plush carpeting, richly colored curtains, and warm lighting to help the space feel as comfortable as possible for your guests.

Keep in mind that every hotel or place of lodging will be different. If you have something that makes your property truly unique, don’t be afraid to show it off in your listing. You never know what could set your romantic getaway apart from the rest.

Location benefits

Your lodging will certainly play a role in your guests choosing to visit. However, it’s also important to list the benefits of your location, too. For example, if you’re located in the southern United States, the warm weather and beaches might be a great draw for northerners looking for a little sunshine.

Location benefits include more than just the climate. As a growing number of states begin to legalize recreational marijuana, many tourists are looking to sample the devil’s lettuce legally. If your romantic getaway happens to be located in one of these states, highlighting the presence of a cannabis dispensary could be a huge draw for some experimental tourists. On top of that, relaxing CBD gummies and tinctures could help make a relaxing vacation all the more soothing.

However, it isn’t just recreational marijuana that could bring tourists your way: if you’re located by a number of cities within driving distance, you can showcase the diversity in your area. For example, Salem, Massachusetts is only an hour’s drive from Boston, complete with safe guardrail installations for the ease of the drivers. If you’re located in between these two areas, you can highlight both of these cities in your listing. This is a great option for folks looking to stay for more than a few days at a time. When you’re looking for ways on how to market your romantic retreat, you could be standing right on the answer.

City attractions

City attractions can also lend a hand to your local listing (with little to no work on your part). Plenty of cities offer a slew of romantic restaurants, evening events for couples, and attractions built for spouses. New York City has ice skating. Italy has its beautiful boat rides. But even smaller locations can feature fishing boat rentals and delectable cuisines.

When you want to learn how to market your romantic retreat, don’t forget these common city attractions to draw in the couples:

  • Museums and art galleries, especially if they’re free or low-cost
  • Waterside walkways and trails
  • Cozy restaurants with aphrodisiac options — you can even include coupons if they have some available
  • Dinner theater options and local shows
  • Proximity to beaches
  • Historial destinations like castles
  • Local wineries
  • Flower gardens and beautiful parks

Each city is different, which is why it’s important to showcase what makes yours unique! You never know when these marketing efforts will reach the right person. If you’re looking for tips on how to market your romantic retreat, look around you for inspiration.

Transportation information

Transportation isn’t always considered romantic, but quality transportation options can help draw impatient people who want to move from one activity to the next. Highlighting the benefits surrounding your transportation system can really make you stand out from other lodgings. For example, if you have an airport express shuttle available at your large airport, this could be something to mention in your listing.

The presence of a quality public transportation system can also help your guests save money to spend on grander shows of affection. Ditch the taxi and use that extra money to buy your significant other a bouquet! It might seem a little cheesy, but saving money on vacation will always feel like a win to a traveler, even if they plan on indulging on their romantic getaway. However, there are plenty of people looking to travel on a budget! After all, even people working on rebuilding credit deserve to go on vacation. If you happen to know any local transportation services, partnering with them is a great way to boost your presence among the other businesses in your area. Learning how to market your romantic retreat is important for guests and other businesses, alike.

Feature special benefits or bundle packages

If you’re offering any special benefits or bundle packages, this can be a huge draw for couples vacationing on a budget. As great as the location and lodging benefits of your getaway can be, the special packages are the best way to gain new customers that can’t stop coming back for more.

There are many ways to craft the perfect bundle package, but they each contain a few primary components: some sort of food, delectable wine, and a gift card to a spa or a massage. These items are typically always present, though you can get creative and add on a few more options if you’d like. Successful lodging businesses often offer a few different packages to choose from, ranging from affordable to high-end. These can be ever-present on your site or only available for a limited amount of time surrounding a holiday or other special event. Again, if you’re able to partner with local businesses, this can be a great way to grow your business.

Establishing a bundle package for new guests or those on their honeymoon can also be a huge draw for tourists. Many savvy businesses offer lower rates to their first-time customers in the hopes of bringing them back again. If the guest has a great first experience at a low price, they will be more willing to come back again and pay for the service in full. This is commonly seen with cell phone service providers, auto shops, HVAC companies, and, of course, romantic getaways.

When you want to learn how to market your romantic retreat, rely on these tips to get started. You should always have a good digital marketing plan in your back pocket when you want to grow your business. Featuring these important qualities regarding your romantic retreat will certainly give you the edge over the competition, especially after this time of social distancing.

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