What Life Sciences Recruiters Should Look For In A Candidate

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What Life Sciences Recruiters Should Look For In A Candidate


As a life sciences recruiting company, it’s important to find candidates who will advance the industry. About 71% of respondents in a recent industry survey admit to having a shortage of candidates in 2014, and it is your job to fill this void. But what should you look for in a qualified candidate? The following are some of the most critical attributes that life sciences recruiters should watch for.


In today’s life sciences industry, it’s not enough just to show up at work to do your job. The best professionals are inventive and creative, coming up with new solutions to common problems. Your recruiting firm should emphasize the importance of innovation when looking for prospects.


This may seem like an obvious characteristic, but it is far too often overlooked. A passionate candidate has multiple reasons for wanting to be in the life sciences industry, including making the world a more healthy and sustainable place.

Work Ethic

A strong work ethic means that they are focused and take pride in every task. And when this characteristic translates to an actual job, this means that the individual will actually perform their job more effectively and efficiently.


Life sciences almost always have a human connection in some way, so your recruiting services should seek out candidates who understand this aspect of the job. While it can be easy to simply focus on lab functions, it’s better to pay attention to the larger connection while working.


Just as the life sciences industry is more inventive than ever, it is also more collaborative than ever. Your clients likely want employees who go beyond working well with others. Life sciences recruiters should pay close attention to references and past job history, analyzing how these show their collaborative skills.

As a recruiter, you play an integral role in the future of the life sciences industry. By finding the right candidates for the job, you can help build labs, hospitals, and other businesses. And when staffed with the brightest and best minds, these organizations can change the world for the better.

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