Why Choosing the Right Rack Enclosures is So Important to Your IT Setup

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Why Choosing the Right Rack Enclosures is So Important to Your IT Setup

Server rack shelves

Making the decision to set up your own servers for your business can have a number of positive effects. As Computer World suggests, having all of your IT hardware within reach means being able to fix a problem as soon as you notice it. You’ll also be able to upgrade your hardware or software without having to rely on an opening in an IT service’s schedule. In other words, having your own server room gives you complete control over your IT and better control of your business overall.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up their server rooms is focusing too heavily on their systems. While it’s true that everything from your processor to your hard drives to your RAM is essential to a healthy setup, you can’t forget about the hardware that supports your actual servers. Rack enclosures are not only essential to the health of your servers but the people who work from you. Here’s why.

Three Reasons You Need to Choose Your Server Rack Enclosures Carefully

  1. Adequate Power is Crucial to Safety
  2. It’s not enough to simply choose a rack enclosure that can power your systems. You need enclosures that will fully power every component. As Tom’s Hardware, a popular online computing community, points out, everything from your processor to your video cards need sufficient power. If they lack even a few watts, chances are they’ll short out, costing you money and downtime. Additionally, there is a good possibility they will spark, actually causing a server room fire. Choose an enclosure with more than enough power to help avoid both issues.

  3. Server Rack Cases Can Protect Your Business from Hackers
  4. For any business with half a brain, finding ways to secure their servers against increasingly aggressive cyber criminals is a true priority. As the Fourth Annual Cost of Cyber Crime Study: Global shows, cyber criminal activity has increased by 78% in the last four years. State-of-the-art rack enclosures feature built-in security technology, helping businesses, like yours, ward off potentially crippling attacks.

  5. You Need Rack Enclosures That Can Actually Hold Your Systems
  6. Perhaps the simplest of all reasons to take your enclosures into consideration is so that you can be sure they can actually house your setup. Just like anything else, a server rack not built to hold 100 pounds of server systems will eventually bend and crack, becoming worse than useless. If you choose an enclosure without the proper weight rating, you’re liable to walk into your server room one day to find your servers on the floor in a heap of broken equipment.

Do you have a lot of experience setting up server rooms? What additional advice would you give to anyone looking to choose the right rack enclosures? Let us know in the comment section below. Research more here: www.global1resources.com Learn more.

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