Workplace Management Solutions To Increase Employee Retention

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Workplace Management Solutions To Increase Employee Retention

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In any workplace, some level of workforce management solutions will eventually become necessary, as workplace management solutions can be used to smooth over problems and keep a workplace running as smoothly as possible. Workforce management solutions often deal with issues of employee retention and overall employee engagement, both common problems in workplaces across the United States and even many places in the world at large.

In fact, nearly 60% of all organizations, businesses, and companies think that employee retention represents a significant problem for their organizations, and more than ten billion dollars are lost every year around the United States at large because of frequent employee turnover and the costs associated with it. Many of the issues related to employee retention stem from overall rates of employee satisfaction, which in turn correlate directly to how engaged employees are with the company and with their work, as well as how the company facilitates that. As of today, it is estimated that more than half of all employees are not engaged to the level that they need to be, often because they are unsatisfied with some aspect of their job, often the support system that motivates them. More than 80% of these unengaged employees said that their lack of engagement was primarily due to lack of collaboration as well as ineffective communication over problems in the workplace. This lack of engagement often leads to a lack of productivity, which can cost the overall United States economy more than five hundred billion dollars every single year.

When it comes to workforce management solutions, many companies are still in the early stages of figuring out what works. Fortunately, however, nearly 70% of all organizations are working on beginning to develop a workforce management solution to one problem or more that they face, and more than 80% are using workforce management software to electronically implement workforce management solutions.

Workforce management solutions, when implemented, can look different from company to company. Overall, however, it has been found that the more benefits that companies are willing to offer their employees, the higher the workforce satisfaction and engagement will be. In fact, if a company offers at least eleven benefits, if not more, more than 60% of all employees will report on the company positively, indicating a higher level of workplace satisfaction and engagement. Benefits offered often influence prospective employees’ decision to even take a job in the first place, with more than half of all people in the United States saying that the benefits offered at a job considerably influences their decision to accept the offer. Most career track jobs offer some type of health insurance, with two out of every five Americans receiving medical insurance through their employers. However, the quality and coverage level of that health insurance can greatly vary from job to job, and employees are more likely to be actively engaged and productive if they are being compensated in a way that they feel is fair.

From one workforce management tool to many workforce management solutions, companies around the United States are working hard to make their places of business better places to be in hopes of increasing employee engagement and, therefore, employee retention.

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