Your Business May Be Falling Behind Without This New Form Of Information Technology

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Your Business May Be Falling Behind Without This New Form Of Information Technology

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How have you updated your business model to reflect the current technological climate? Companies all across the country continually search for ways to bolster their bottom line without sacrificing money or quality, particularly those with thousands of employees all working on conjunction every day of the week. While it may seem too good to be true, the reality of the matter is that cloud services can tackle a wide host of issues from the ground up and increase both the flexibility and accuracy of your business’ inner workings. Be it private cloud services within the company or public cloud services that can streamline customer service, these programs can mean a world of difference for your enterprises’ future.

What Are Cloud Services?

Cloud communications are now the ideal option for businesses and enterprises that want to streamline their content and encourage a combination of security and accessibility throughout the company. Nearly 60% of large enterprises use cloud storage because of its ability to improve integration between development and operations, which is essential when products and services are exchanged through many different hands over the course of weeks or months. Cloud services brokers specialize in the field of integrating cloud services into the framework of businesses and helping them take advantage of all this new technology has to offer.

What Are The Benefits?

Recent predictions have shown the global market for cloud equipment will reach nearly $80 billion by 2018, with more and more companies being alerted to the efficiency and accessibility by cloud brokerage services. The International Data Corporation also predicts that public cloud spending will go from $40 billion to $100 billion in just a few years. The majority of businesses that use cloud gravitate to its ability to share data seamlessly across applications and make basic tasks accessible all throughout the work chain. Encouraging organization and a seamless workflow can be difficult and cloud services offer simple and effective solutions all days of the year.

How Do Enterprises Fare Without It?

Businesses that aren’t integrated into a cloud have fewer opportunities for streamlined communications and can see their products, services and overall workflow suffer as a result. A recent survey showed nearly half of all enterprise respondents planning to adopt hybrid cloud systems and services to better encourage adaptability on the part of their employees, with the overall growing demand for cloud services seeing a significant projected increase by the year 2019. Nearly a third of all IT services today are now delivered entirely by cloud services, with technologically based enterprises standing to benefit the most from this already flexible tool. Cloud brokers services can offer your enterprise the resources it needs to continue thriving in an increasingly competitive and saturated market.

What Can Cloud Services Brokers Do For My Company?

A survey of cloud services customers found reliability to be the most important factor for cloud service providers, at just under 44%, with cost and integration following close behind at 28% and 27%, respectively. The majority of top IT executives are involved in cloud purchase processes and nearly 80% of all organizations have created a plan to establish governance policy for cloud use. The type of cloud computing services your business needs depends on your model and goals for the future, as some prefer private clouds and others use hybrid cloud services. If you’re looking for a modern and effective way of increasing your enterprises’ competitive edge, cloud services brokers can offer you the solution you need.

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