Month: March 2019

Marketing, Design and More

Repairing vs Replacing, What Is More Cost Effective?

Sewage pumps are imperative to filtering our unwanted debris from the streets into pipe lines that properly cleanse the waste from outside areas. Typically, in homes that are considered ‘above grade’ sewage systems are gravity-based, where sewage flows downhill and enters the municipal sewer line or a septic tank. However, most homes have sewage that…
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What Digital Marketing Can Do For Your Brand

Marketing has long since been essential for any business, and different forms of marketing have emerged over the decades and even centuries. Today, time-honored method such as signs, price tags, attractive packaging, and newspaper ads are still effective and have proven valuable for marketing all around the world. These traditional method are not alone, however,…
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Testing Your Current Transformer Meter and The Ability to Save on Power

Considering all of the electricity used throughout your home on a daily basis, there is almost always something that has your current transformer meter running. The basic unit of power is the Watt with the kilowatt being the measure of 1,000 Watts. A simple measurement of the power that you use could include vacuuming. When…
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