4 Industries That Can Benefit From Rotational Plastic Molding

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4 Industries That Can Benefit From Rotational Plastic Molding

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If you’re a member of the service or manufacturing industry, you may already be familiar with the process of rotational plastic molding (also referred to as rotomolding, for short). Although plastic molding has been around since the 1800’s, the Association of Rotational Moulders was formed in the mid-1970s, and represents companies in 58 countries throughout the world. There are several types of plastic molding, but rotomolding tends to be one of the most specialized, as well as being one of the more environmentally and financially sound methods.
While other plastic molding processes are often accomplished with the use of pressure, custom roto molding uses a high heat to melt plastic resin within a mold to form a given product. (Depending on the type of polymer used, oven temperatures range from 500-700 degrees Fahrenheit during the molding process!) Typically, 80 to 90% of the materials used during the formation of custom rotomolded parts and products is polyethylene, and many times, 100% virgin polyethylene is used, which means that it’s safe for contact with food. Custom rotational molding can be used to make anything from plastic bulk containers to playground slides, but do you know how it could help your industry? Here are four different types of enterprises that can benefit from custom plastic rotational molding:

  • Hospitality and Laundry
    The industrial laundry industry is projected to reach the $7.45 billion mark by 2016, so the one thing that both the hospitality and laundry industries need is strong and efficient transportation for linens. Custom plastic roto molding can be used to make industrial laundry carts and laundry trucks, and because of the process and materials used, they’re impact- and water-resistant, and are made to carry heavy loads with ease. In addition to carts and trucks, plastic storage lockers can be made for employees, pool locker rooms, spas and resorts.
  • Food and Agriculture
    When 100% virgin polyethylene is used in custom plastic containers, they’re not only safe for raw food materials, but they’re also FDA and USDA compliant. Plastic bulk containers also provide resistance against pesticide penetration, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your products are safe from chemical contamination. From harvest to transport, combo bins and plastic pallets are perfect for these industries.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
    Because of the strength of these custom rotational molded products, bulk containers and utility carts are more resistant to stress cracking. This makes them optimal options for sanitary storage for pharmaceutical companies and for the healthcare industry. And when they’re FDA and USDA compliant, you’re secure in the knowledge that these products are safe for use, too.
  • Recycling
    The rotomolding process is environmentally friendly (as little material goes to waste during the progress, and what excess there is tends to be reused), so it makes sense that it’d be fitting for the recycling industry. Collection and sorting containers are often formed from the rotational molding process, and this means that they’re durable, safe, and green.

Many other industries and individuals can benefit from custom plastic rotational molding, too: anything from sports to automotive to construction can use rotomolding for their business or hobby. And since it’s one of the most cost-effective, strongest and most environmentally sound methods, it will continue to increase in popularity.

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