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When looking for telecommunication services, it is important to understand why it may be necessary for your business. A company’s phone system is most customers’ favorite way to contact the company when they are in need of customer service. You are likely looking for cost efficient and effective solutions that allow your customers to reach you, and when 85 percent of people will not call back if their first call isn’t answered, you need to make sure those calls are answered as quickly and efficiently as possible. In today’s internet driven world, the best solution may be a voip system installation, and here are a few reasons why.

Lower Costs

If you are looking for business network solutions that will help you lower your operating costs, a voip system installation may be just the solution for you. A hosted phone system is ideal for small businesses because it allows you to have full access to phone service without having to purchase system hardware other than handsets. You are paying for internet access each month anyway, so why not use it for your phone system as well? This fixed monthly cost will allow you to budget more easily instead of having to pay for several separate landlines each month.

Better Customer Service

When asked what they are trying to improve about their companies, most business owners say that improving their customers’ experience is a top priority. Using a voip system allows your company to have access to many more “phone lines” than traditional landlines. This means that customers have a better odds of having their calls answered as opposed to running into busy signals. Customers prefer to speak to a real person when they are trying to figure out complex issues, so a voip system installation can help you achieve the goal of being known as the company who takes care of their customers. With a voip system, there is no need to lose the ability to answer important calls even when you are away from the office. You can choose where your calls ring. For example, you can have a call ring a few times at your desk, but if you don’t pick up it can then be sent to an employee’s desk to answer or even to your cell phone or laptop. A voip system installation allows those important customer calls to always be answered and never sent to voicemail where they are lost in the black hole of forgetfulness.


What, you may ask, will happen if the internet goes out? Well, because you can choose where to forward your calls, you can forward them to your own cell phone and never miss a call because of an interruption of your internet service from bad weather or power outages. Just make sure your cell phone stays charged!

A voip system installation could very well be the right decision to help your small business build and maintain a reputation of excellent customer service. Your customers will be pleased to be able to reach a representative who can help them take care of any of their issues.

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