Without Pharmaceutical Cold Storage, Medicines Are Wasted

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Without Pharmaceutical Cold Storage, Medicines Are Wasted

Every single day, life-saving medicines and important biologic material is transported to and from different types of laboratories and medical facilities every single day. Without pharmaceutical cold storage, this just isn’t possible. Proper samples management and storage conditions are so essential, the entire pharma industry would be lost without it.

Why Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Matters

Most of the medicines you’ve ever taken were transported under special cold chain delivery standards. That’s because 7 of the 10 leading pharmaceutical products must be transported under temperature-controlled circumstances. Pharmaceutical cold storage is essential in the big pharma industry, not to mention the medical industry. Any company that can provide safe, professional cold delivery service provides an extremely valuable and highly in-demand service that is used by various types of labs, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and other types of pharmaceutical and medical facilities.

Medicines aren’t the only application for cold chain logistics services. Biologic material includes blood and tissue needs to be stored in a cryogenic container. Such containers can maintain temperatures of -238 degrees F for at least 10 days. That’s reliable, trustworthy cold chain biostorage, and that’s a service that many medical-related businesses need to use on a regular basis. Biologic material is often sent to laboratories and testing facilities so that it can be analyzed. Every time one of these samples is transported, it could ultimately mean life and death for someone.

Cold Shipping Solutions

With that much riding on the outcome of a single ride from point A to Point B, you can see how important good pharmaceutical cold storage really is. Sample management is a serious business, especially when you consider that the global pharma market will reach $1.12 trillion in 2022. The U.S. alone is responsible for about 45 percent of the glSampleobal pharmaceutical market. That means there are many samples and medicines being transported all over the United States every single day. Each trip is potentially life-saving.

A mere 35 degree (F) shift in temperature can totally ruin a pharmaceutical product. Pharmaceutical companies lose an average of $150,000 per small package shipment. That’s caused by temperature slips. Any company providing reliable pharmaceutical cold storage solutions that can also prevent these types of losses will continue to be very much in need and very highly desired by a broad range of medical- and pharma-related industries.

Total annual spending on drug therapies is around $371 billion dollars. That’s a huge number, and that means that there’s a lot to lose. Now, are you getting a clear picture of why pharmaceutical cold storage is so very essential?

Cold storage is nothing new. In fact, lots of transportation trucks and trains are equipped with cooling facilities for storage. But the low, low temperatures pharmaceuticals need to reach can only be achieved with specialized pharmaceutical cold storage equipment. That’s why cold chain logistics services are always going to be needed.

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