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A Comprehensive New Home Design Checklist

When you think of buying a house, you may want to have one that is custom-built for your unique needs. This process can be challenging with so many things to keep track of and consider along the way. If you know how the building process works and what to expect during each stage, you can better navigate the situation to help make your dream home a reality much easier. Here’s a comprehensive new home design checklist to help guide you through the process.

Select a Design Plan

Before the building process can begin, you will need to select an already created stock home design plan or work with an architect to come up with a new one. This will help you figure out what you can afford and help you narrow down the most important details...

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Membrane Switch Graphic Overlays: Important Considerations

Custom membrane switches are used for any number of appliances and machines that make our lives that much easier. From computer components to microwaves and spa tubs, we rely on this one technological element almost constantly. But most people don’t give much thought to the ways in which these switches function. Really, it’s thanks to their graphic overlays that we’re able to accurately use them at all. In today’s post, we’ll delve into graphic overlays and the key considerations to keep in mind when working with membrane switch manufacturers to design these components for your products.

What is a Graphic Overlay?

A membrane switch is essentially the control panel that we use to operate a given device. But its graphic overlay is what allows us to understand how to operate the switch corre...

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