A Comprehensive New Home Design Checklist

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A Comprehensive New Home Design Checklist

house design checklist

Closets are not always treated as particularly important to the overall home. Still, the people who have lived inside a house without much closet space will usually appreciate the closets of a house that much more than other people. They will want to think about custom shoe closet design in some cases, especially if they have enough products like that at home. The closet capacity calculator might be able to help the people who are planning on adding some of this space to the houses that they have.

Some custom closet designs have helped the people who are sure that they want more space for the teams that they have. They can look at the closet trends for 2022, which will probably still be relevant in the following year and for years beyond that point. Some 2022 closet trends were specifically designed for the people who want to make sure that they are using the space that they have a home as efficiently as they can. The closet trends 2022 will help the individuals who want their houses to be stylish for every angle as well. The closet can be a neglected part of the home from a fashion perspective as well.

After living in a house for a while, some things may go wrong, demanding reconstruction home services. Remodeling interior of house may be a hard task. It is, however, easier with the help of old house renovation ideas from a renovation company.

The web plays a crucial role in offering details on how to go about remodeling living room and kitchen ideas. Look for designs from various renovation companies to determine the best designs for your home.

Seek renovation services from a reliable renovation contractor. Reputable remodeling companies have networks with the best tile distributors. With this, you get quality materials for the renovation project of your home.

Plan on a renovation budget to help develop how much it will cost you to remodel your kitchen or living room. Some instances necessitate the renovation of the whole house. There may be a need to create more space for an extra family member.

With this, you will need to find a renovation company to help create a room to accommodate the new member. When planning renovation projects, ensure you consider the lighting, sinks, faucets, kitchen appliances, countertops ad cabinets before you renovate. Take into consideration your lifestyle as you decide on the best renovation company to hire.

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When you need a home builder, it’s easy to find a number of home builders that work in your area. To find just the right one for you, you can look at both small and big home building companies to find out which one will be the best one for your project. If you’re interested in brand new luxury homes, be sure to pick a home builder who has a lot of experience in that type of house. Luxury homes are made from very different materials, and your home builder needs to have experience in working with them.

To get the house that you want, you may wonder about build a new home vs buy it, and this can be a tough decision to make. With this type of a decision, you will need to look at a lot of existing homes to find out whether there are homes on the market that meet your specifications. If there isn’t anything on the market that you like, you may wait a few months to see what is introduced to the market. But if there is still nothing for you, you may decide on building a brand new home to get what you want.

When you think of buying a house, you may want to have one that is custom-built for your unique needs. This process can be challenging with so many things to keep track of and consider along the way. If you know how the building process works and what to expect during each stage, you can better navigate the situation to help make your dream home a reality much easier. Here’s a comprehensive new home design checklist to help guide you through the process.

Select a Design Plan

house design checklist

Before the building process can begin, you will need to select an already created stock home design plan or work with an architect to come up with a new one. This will help you figure out what you can afford and help you narrow down the most important details. These details include things like the total square feet of your new home and where certain rooms will be located.

Stock home designs are typically the most cost-effective and can be modified to meet any special requirements you may have. These buildings can usually be constructed within a matter of a few days since they are already prepared with no obstacles to work out or overcome. Custom house plans provide much more flexibility but can be more expensive and take from six months to a year to construct. Figure out how much you’re willing to spend and the timeframe you desire for the work to get done.

Construction Financing

house design checklist

New home design construction can cost you anywhere from $80 to $200 per square foot. You will need to have enough money for purchasing land, home construction, and landscaping costs. There are also local fees and taxes, utility setup charges, and design and engineering fees to consider as well. Plan to have a cushion for unexpected expenses since most building projects typically don’t work out exactly as planned. Weather delays, missed deadlines, and extra material costs can eat into your budget so make sure to give yourself a bit of wiggle room.

To pay for your new home design, you’ll most likely have to take out a construction loan. Plan to put as a down payment at least 20% of your total loan amount. Construction loans don’t work in the same way that home loans do. These short term loans are paid out from lenders in installments as certain construction milestones are achieved to protect the lender and keep everything on a budget. Construction loans are required to be refinanced after a year has passed and converted into a regular home loan when the building work is finished.

Hire Your Team

You will need to hire certain people in order to get the work completed. One team member you may need is an architect. This person will help you draw up your new home design plan and give you advice along the way on what can and can’t be done. You will also need to hire a general contractor to help bring your dream home to life. Other team members you may consider hiring are an interior designer, plumber, electrician, landscape architect, or kitchen and bath designer.

The team members you choose will highly depend on your budget. You can get recommendations from family and friends or check online reviews for the team members you’re considering. Before hiring, have an in-person meeting with them to get references from past clients and ask plenty of questions. Get at least three bids from potential general contractors before making any final decisions. Choose the ones you feel most the most comfortable with and whose visions for your new home design closely match yours.

Choose a Location

new home design checklist

You will also need to find a piece of property to build your new home design on. Shop around the best family neighborhoods in your area to get estimates on the costs per acre. Make sure that the home design you selected will fit on the land and meet local zoning requirements. You can find plenty of potential properties by checking various real estate websites online. Look for neighborhoods with everything your family will need nearby, such as grocery stores, shopping centers, and excellent educational facilities for your elementary school age children.

Any land that you are purchasing will most likely have building restrictions attached to it. These restrictions may affect what you can have for your new home design’s style, height, square footage, and color. Get a copy of the regulations from your city government or local attorneys and make sure you read and understand them thoroughly. Hiring a reputable real estate agent in your local area can help you immensely in finding the perfect property for your dream home.

Building Permits and Insurance

new home design checklist

Once you have your property to build on and your construction financing is secured, you will need to obtain insurance as well as the necessary building permits. Most of the time, the builders will take care of the permits for you. However, it’s a good idea to double-check that this task has been achieved properly or do it yourself to make sure it gets done.

You will need to make sure to have general liability insurance in place to protect you and the construction workers. This insurance can either be provided by you or through the builder. You will also need to have workman’s compensation insurance in place as well as construction insurance. Course of construction protects against damages and replacement costs related to things like fires and vandalism.

Walk Through Inspections

new home design checklist

During the building of your new home design, there will be times for periodic walkthrough inspections for you to check in on the progress that’s being made. These inspections are designed to help catch any potential problems in the new home design building process early. This way, they can be corrected before the construction work is completely finished.

Many builders discourage their customers from coming to the building site unannounced due to safety reasons. They don’t want you to slip and fall or get hurt by falling objects that will end up requiring you to seek treatment from doctors in your local area. You will need to schedule the walkthrough inspections with the builder in advance.

Structural Work

Once you have found your perfect piece of property, it will be time for the actual building process to begin. This includes pouring the concrete for the foundation of your new home design and building the walls. Your home will also need a new roof during this time as well. This framework will also set up where all the various rooms and stairs will be. This is the time where you will decide where all the electrical outlets will go as well.

Heating and Cooling System Installation

The heating, ventilation, and cooling system (HVAC) is the next item on your new home design checklist. Contractors will work to put in the ductwork for your HVAC installation. This is done before any electrical work is performed so the wires can be wrapped around the pipes.


new home design checklist

Insulation will help your new home design be more energy efficient. There are several types of insulation to choose from. These include fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, foam mineral wool, concrete blocks, foam board, and structural insulated panels. The material is typically installed into basements, floors, sidewalls, and attics. Kraft paper is also generally attached to this material to act as a vapor barrier to keep out moisture. Some material even has a flame-resistant backing in areas where the insulation will be exposed.

Plumbing and Electrical

Now that the structural frame is in place, the next step is to install the plumbing and electrical systems. The contractors will run wires and pipes through the floors, walls, and ceilings. Sewer vents and water supply lines will also be installed during this time. Toilets, sinks, and faucets are installed as well as light fixtures, switches, and outlets. After all the work is finished, a home inspector will take a look at all the work to make sure everything is done correctly with your new home design.

Drywall, Doors, and Windows

Once all the wiring and insulation is in place, then the wall will be reinforced with drywall. Once it is dry, it can then be painted in the colors of your choosing. The builders will also install windows and doors along with decorative trim for the baseboards.

They will also work on the new home design’s exterior. There are many options to choose from for how the outer layer of your home will look. You can choose to have regular siding installed or go with a brick, stucco, stone, or red cedar outer layer.


new home design checklist

At this stage, your new home design will actually start to look like you imagined in the beginning. Flooring throughout all the rooms will be installed as well as trim, moldings, and cabinets. You’ll need to decide what type of flooring will work well for your lifestyle and budget. There are many excellent styles and colors to choose from including hardwood, tile, carpet, and concrete to name a few.


When you have a problem with your roof, it can cause serious damage to your house. It can allow water in, and water can destroy building materials quickly. If you have a leak or other roof problem, you need to get residential roofing services for asphalt shingles roof repair. If you have a flat roof, you need to find the best flat roof repair company in your area to do the work. The work done to a roof is important, and the company has to be able to do it correctly. Ask around for recommendations on roofers and check their reputations online in order to find a good one.

A good roofing services company will use the best roof coating for leaks to seal it tight and not allow any water to get inside. The average cost of roof repair for leak depends a lot on what kind of roof you have and how large the problem area is. If there is a large amount of roof that is leaking, this will cost considerably more than a very small problem spot. When you have a good crew on your roof, they should be able to tackle any problem and have the right tools to do so.

Interior Design Elements

You’ll need to decide on some interior design elements for your new home. What materials will you decide on for your kitchen counters and cabinets and what will the layout look like? Will you need new appliances? Do you want special luxury amenities installed such as a Jacuzzi or a built-in sauna? What color paint will be in each room and where will the shelves go? Now is the time to start setting up exactly how the interior space will look and what function it will provide.


new home design checklist

Once the new home design is completely finished, work on the landscaping can begin. During this time, workers can build your driveway and sidewalks as well as decks and patios. Now is also a good time to plant trees and flowers. Depending on your budget, you may have a patio or pool built as well.

Final Walkthrough

After all the work is completed on your new home design, it will be time for you to do a final walkthrough to inspect the entire build. Make sure that you go through every single room and inspect everything to ensure you’re satisfied with the work. Turn on all the lights and the HVAC system to see if they are working properly. Open up and close all the window doors. Turn on faucets and flush the toilet.

Inspect the flooring for gaps and look for any scratches or cracks. Take note of anything you would like to correct and communicate this list to the builder. Once all the corrections have been made, a building code inspector will review the building work and issue a certificate of occupancy if everything is up to standard. If not, the official will wait to issue the document until all uncovered defects have been corrected.

New Furniture

new home design checklist

Now that your new home design checklist is fully completed, why not decorate it with some brand new furniture? Your sofa has probably already experienced at least 1,600 spills on it during its lifetime if it’s like any of the average furniture in the United States. Having new furniture will add to the freshness of your brand new home.

Time To Move In

new home design checklist

Now that your new home design checklist is ready, it’s time to move in. Hire a moving company to help you move all your stuff and collect the keys to your new home. If you own the home you’re moving out of, this is the time to start putting it up for sale. You will also need to start converting the construction loan into a conventional home loan and acquiring home insurance for your new home design.

Creating a new home design checklist can be a tough but rewarding experience. By following the items on this checklist, you will be able to create the home of your dreams that you and your family will love for years to come. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor and don’t forget to thank the builders for a job well done.

Homebuilding is a unique and challenging process. Many people do not understand what build means until they start the process. It is challenging because you have to consider and keep track of so many things. Thus it would be best to have a defined build description to prepare and guide you through the process.

An essential element in your new home design checklist include:

  • Choose a Plan for Your Home. You can choose a custom Plan or a stock plan. A custom plan is more flexible but expensive. a stock plan is more cost-effective but less unique. 
  • Financial Forecast. You should plan your finances and budget for costs like Land purchase, Landscaping cost, construction cost,  local taxes and fees, utility charges, design, and engineering fees.
  • Hire the Necessary Building Team. You will need Professionals to build your home. Some of them include plumbers, electricians, landscape architects, interior designers, kitchen designers, bathroom designers, and more. 
  • Building Permits and Insurance. Once you settle on a location for your home, you need to get the necessary licenses and liability insurance to cover you and your construction workers. 
  • Periodic Inspections. You need to carry out routine inspections to monitor the progress and safety of building your home. Periodic inspections make you a quality home builder.
new home design checklist

Build New Home vs. Buy

Should you build a new home vs. buying one? It depends. Your decision could be influenced by your preferences, goals, new homes’ availability, and costs vs. acquiring a piece of land, actual construction, and their costs. Someone who wants to invest in real property to get a quick return on investment may see it worthwhile to buy an already existing residential home rather than building one, for example.

Building a Brand New Home

It may also be a good idea if you want a house according to your specific plan, style, and taste. Additionally, you’re not necessarily looking to using it as an asset to earn some extra money by converting it into a rental property in the short-term. But should you go for buying a brand new home or look for built houses for sale, consider the following:

  • Carefully review the surrounding homes and neighborhood.
  • Get an expert to inspect it.
  • Obtain a completion clause if you’re purchasing new construction.
  • Check if the price includes any upgrades, and then decide if they’re okay with you.
  • If you’re buying into half-finished developments, be double careful as the developments may take longer to finish.

Choose a Builder

new home design checklist

Going the construction route also has other issues about the potential home builder you may want to consider. To help you choose a home builder of your choice, take note of these aspects.

  • Check their portfolio on their websites to see if their skills align with your home plan.
  • Find or ask for references. Speak to people who’ve already worked with the constructor before.
  • Get extra information by visiting people whose homes the potential home builder constructed. Find out what their opinions are concerning their experience with them.
  • Consider costs. Not every builder will be suitable for your project. Weigh all the expenses, the pros, and cons of working with a particular home builder.





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