Considering a VOIP Phone System for Your Small Business? 9 Reasons to Make That Switch

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Considering a VOIP Phone System for Your Small Business? 9 Reasons to Make That Switch

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Are you considering installing a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) system for your small business? Many businesses are either making the switch to premise based VOIP systems or are starting their companies with these systems from the get-go. Here are some reasons business are using these VOIP business systems.

  1. VOIP systems are very cost effective. When you go with a premise based VOIP system, the cost of installation will cost about 10% of what it costs to install traditional based phone systems. More over, your local calls will cost your business up to 40% less than you would be charged for making those same calls with a traditional phone system.
  2. They add more security. If you do not run a business that needs the general public to come and go and you prefer to have more control over who enters your place of business, you can use your premise based VOIP system to talk to visitors who are at your door and buzz them in. This is another way you can secure your business and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Premise based VOIP systems have better call routing. How much time do you spend at your desk? For many busy professionals, the answer is “not much.” With VOIP systems, you can have more than one number a call will go to before it reaches a voice mail system. The majority of people say that they do not leave a voice mail message so you have the potential to miss leads and lose out on opportunities.
  4. You can get those voicemails emailed to you. If someone does leave you a voicemail message, your premise based VOIP system can transcribe it and send it to you as an email. This means the days of listening to a message 15 times to catch the phone number or address are gone. It also means you can store important messages in a format that is easy to search and find later.
  5. You can pick your hold music. Despite everything, there will be times when callers have to be placed on hols. You can use a traditional phone system and have no control over the music, this probably leave your callers with the muzak you most often hear in elevators or you can go with a premise based VOIP system and pick something that is more reflective of your personality and brand.
  6. You have superior conferencing options. The conferencing features that are offered by premise based VOIP systems are much better than what you can get with traditional phone systems. For example, you can have a call monitor who can make the call a lot more productive. If you have a number of people on a call, people often start to talk over each other and it can quickly become a hot mess. A call monitor can prevent that and become the traffic cop of your conference calls. You will have more productive conference calls when you take advantage of this feature. This is one of the best parts of any premise-based VOIP solution.
  7. You can ask to not be disturbed when you cannot take calls. You want to be available for your clients and customers but there are times when you cannot do that. These premise based VOIP systems can allow you to send your calls to voicemail or another person when you are in important meetings or are engaged in an activity where you cannot answer the phone.
  8. VOIP systems let you screen your calls. One feature that many people do not know they can get with a premise based VOIP system is call screening. When you see who is calling, you can take the call or send it to voicemail or your cell phone depending on what you need at the time.
  9. You can coach and train your staff. Do you have young employees who you would like to train? You cannot sit next to them for every phone call they take or make but you can have your VOIP system help you listen in from another location. You can even coach them during the call without the other person knowing.

VOIP systems save money and help your business succeed.

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