IT Services Why They Can Work For Your Business

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IT Services Why They Can Work For Your Business

Industrial construction company

At the surface, it’s easy to believe that construction companies are businesses that work on a brick and mortar level. They’re about blood, sweat and tears; they’re the kind of companies that have been around for decades, and don’t require a lot of high-tech knowledge — aside, of course, from that required to operate heavy machinery. Perhaps that was the case in the past, but the fact is that most construction companies are catapulting into the future. Construction services are managed as much online as they are in person. There’s the side of the business that’s about getting construction projects off the ground, and there’s the side that is concerned with everything from employee wages to managing services. That’s the side of the business that — like many businesses of all kinds worldwide — is managed largely through computers. Computer services are no longer about just having someone to come in and fix your printer every few months. With many companies now storing personal and financial information online, data protection is a must. On a practical level, construction businesses in particular store everything from client information to construction plans on computer systems. But in order to operate the technological side of business safely, data protection must be a top priority — an so must managed IT services.

Data Protection: Why It’s A Concern

You cannot successfully run a business in this day and age without engaging technology in some way. However, it’s undeniable that computer services are not as safe as they might seem. The more technology grows, the more the criminal element in the IT world grows, with vulnerable systems being hacked on a regular basis. According to the Federal Trade Commission, there is a one in 33 chance that you’ll have your identity stolen in the next year. This is a particular concern for businesses, as they have identification details of all employees uploaded into their systems. If your identity is stolen, you’re at risk of having your money stolen, with about 15 million Americans having their identities stolen each year. Their financial losses total about 50 billion. 300 companies have had their top executives rank the security of company records as one of the top five concerns facing business. But it’s not just identity theft you need to be worried about. If your company is creative in any way, plans and ideas can be stolen as well. The results of any kind of data breach are not only risky for your employees — clients can feel threatened as well, and thus leave your business. Of course, data protection is a top concern; but it’s not the only IT-related concern businesses are worried about.

Computer Viruses: The Unexpected Threat

Computer viruses can attack potentially any device that can connect to the Internet. Viruses can be transmitted over email, websites, and much more. Each day, there are between 200,000 and 300,000 viruses discovered — and as new viruses, they don’t have obvious “cures”. Now, antivirus software can help; it’s estimated to block about 25% of the most popular types of malware being emailed to people. But many businesses either don’t employ antivirus software, or don’t employ the right kinds of antivirus software. This not only leaves their business vulnerable, but leaves them thinking that it’s safe. Of course, this can be avoided through the use of professionally managed IT services.

Professionally Managed It Services: Why Them?

There are many reasons why a business should take advantage of professionally managed IT services. The fact is that there are some things you can do on your own when it comes to computer services — but can you do it well? IT services give you a major advantage of knowing that your data is protect and so are your systems; and they’re protected perfectly. You can’t run the risk of using the wrong system or weak protection software. Your business is too important. As such, a professional IT service is the only way to go.

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