Do Flashy Website Graphics Impress or Distract Customers?

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Do Flashy Website Graphics Impress or Distract Customers?

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An excellent website is crucial to the success of any business in today’s fast-paced world. In fact, about 40% of internet users will leave a web page if it is taking too long to load, which is anything longer than three seconds on average. If a company only has a few seconds to make a good first impression, then there is no room for error. Modern web design focuses on search engine optimization, graphic design, and mobile capabilities.

Website Visitor’s Don’t Know What’s Wrong, Just That Something Is “Off.”

The average visitor to a website is not going to understand modern web design. They’ll think the response time takes too long, or that it is too difficult to find what they are looking for on the website. Perhaps the whole design appears amateurish. Here are a few tips on how a small business can improve their website.

SEO Strategies For Small Business: Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource.

Search engine optimization is simply using key words and phrases that help a web page show up with higher accuracy during an internet search. People use search engines to make business purchase decisions to such an extent that Google and Yahoo nearly an 88% influence. No business that claims to follow modern web design can allow themselves to ignore such a powerful strategy.

There are two options when it comes to implementing SEO techniques. A company can either outsource, or they can hire or teach a team member to handle this task. The theory of the strategy is fairly simple, however its effectiveness is clearly increased when performed by an experienced strategist.

When It Comes to Graphic Design, Fancier Is Not Better.

There is a saying about custom graphics, and it is that effective is better than flashy. What does this mean? It means that while snazzy graphic that perform in unexpected ways are certainly eye-catching, they are also likely to be distracting. The goal of a website is to easily and quickly relate to the visitor. A cool design looks nice, but distracts from the company’s mission, its purpose, and how to navigate the site itself.

In Inspired magazine it was found that visitors need to figure out what a company can do for them for within the first 10 seconds. The trend here in the relationship between the customer and the business website is summed up in one word: speed. Make the customer identify with the company’s mission in less than 10 seconds or you’ve lost them.

The Future Is Mobile: Websites Must Have a Good Mobile Website.

About 40% of internet users globally have made a purchase using their cell phone, tablet, or desktop. Smart phones have made online shopping on the go easier than ever. About 62% of companies with websites specifically designed mobile phones see an increase in sales as a result. People like to make purchases on their cell phones when the act of making that purchase is easy and direct. A mobile website takes care to ensure the navigational menu is simply to use, and that the checkout option is quick and secure.

Modern web design takes into account mobile website options, SEO strategies, and simple but effective graphic design elements. These components work so well because each focuses on helping visitors decide if the company is one they want to make a purchase from with all the speed we’ve come to expect from our modern companies.

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