Don’t be Afraid of Doing Too Much Three Tips for Small Business Online Marketing

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Don’t be Afraid of Doing Too Much Three Tips for Small Business Online Marketing

Small business online marketing

According to IT Business Edge, small businesses need to start upping their social media game by using more buzz-worthy content. It’s good to see that 66% of small businesses now have a website, and 45% have a Facebook page for their business. While these are steps in the right direction, they’re not going to be enough to close the gap in this information-reliant modern world.

How can small businesses create more buzz-worthy content for social media, and also perform better in search rank so that the customers interested in their products or services actually end up seeing them? Here are three important tips for small business online marketing that people can keep in mind.

1. Don’t be Afraid of Doing Too Much

Everyone’s afraid of alienating their consumers with what is perceived as spam. While you shouldn’t be tweeting three things every hour, updating your social media once a day is on the low side, according to Business Insider writer Guy Kawasaki. “Imagine if NPR, CNN, ESPN, or the BBC did one report per day — and never repeated it,” he says, saying that it’s a mistake to not promote via the channels you have. Posting more frequently about something that is relevant and interesting can also help to create that elusive “buzz.”

2. Look at What’s Going Viral Right Now

When it comes to internet marketing strategies,you want to keep a balance when it comes to talking about what your business is offering, and what your business is doing. The stories that tend to get picked up the most are about human experiences with companies — not sandwiches. Definitely still post mouth-watering images of your latest breakfast sandwiches, if you’re a cafe. But also post things that will connect with people on a human level such as “funniest things customers asked this week” or, “five things our servers say they love about working here.”

3. Using SEO Marketing Services to Boost Your Game

What is SEO? This stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are some key advantages to hiring SEO marketing companies for small business online marketing, and chief among them is their ability to take newsworthy events and spin them into something that draws attention to your company. SEO companies will often create intriguing content about industry news on other websites that have inbound links to your website. Seeing other websites link to yours causes the Google algorithm to view your website as “more relevant” to searching users, thus raising your website’s rank in search results.

Do you have tips for small business online marketing? Let us know in the comments. More like this article.

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