Need Help with Local SEO? Learn How to Find a Local SEO Consultant

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Need Help with Local SEO? Learn How to Find a Local SEO Consultant

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last five years, you know that getting found in search engine results is the number one way to increase traffic to your business website and improve your revenue. Why? 93% of all online experiences, according to Search Engine Journal, begin with search engines.

For better or worse, search engine optimization strategies have begun to evolve as web users increasingly turn away from general search terms to more specific, geo-centric search phrases. According to Search Engine Watch, 80% of consumers search for local businesses on search engines. The key to tapping into this renewed interest in local businesses in the digital age is local SEO strategies, and the best way of sharpening those strategies is with the help of a local SEO consultant. Of course, you need to know how to find the best local SEO consultant to get the best results for your biz.

Three Simple Ways to Find the Best Local SEO Consultant

  1. Choose a Local SEO Company That Succeeds when You Succeed
  2. For Inc., one of the best ways to choose a consultant is by considering their pay scheme. As the source points out, you should really consider a consulting company that gets paid as a portion of the revenue you earn from their local SEO work. This means they get paid when their work is successful for your business, ensuring they have adequate motivation to do right by your company.

  3. Size Should Be a Secondary Consideration
  4. Too many companies choose a local SEO consultant based on the size of their company. However, as Forbes suggests, size should truly be a secondary consideration. Big and small SEO companies both have their advantages and disadvantages, and you should consider both equally. In the end, though, you should choose a company based on what they can do for you, not on the amount of people on the payroll.

  5. Nobody Can Guarantee Google Rankings
  6. As you search through all the options of SEO firms available to you, you will hear many people promise you a number one ranking in Google search results. This coveted spot can increase your traffic by leaps and bounds, and that’s exactly why they make this promise. However, as Google’s Webmaster Tools Help page outlines, nobody can ever guarantee a spot in search engine results. The process is far to organic and volatile for that promise to reliably come true. So, if you hear this guarantee, go elsewhere — the last thing your business needs is a liar.

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