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Eye Catching Web Design Portfolios

best web design portfolios 2013


UPDATED 10/13/20

For the last two decades, the internet has made it super easy for anyone with a good idea, ambition, and skill to go into business for themselves. Of course, the means that there is more competition than ever among thousand of companies and start up entrepreneurs. This is especially true of graphic designers who specialize in web design. Since there are literally thousands of individuals in the United States, alone, who possess excellent graphic and web design skills, it is highly competitive for those who hope to be successful web designers. As such, web design portfolios are essential for designers who want to be noticed, and to establish a customer base that will allow them to be successful.

Obviously, if an aspiring web designer wants to attract new clients, it is crucial that each of them provide their own online designer portfolios. When web designers offer graphic design portfolio examples online, they can show off their very best work to prospective customers, which will increase their chances for success exponentially. In doing so, aspiring web designers should also be certain that they are utilizing the latest in advanced, cutting edge web design portfolio technology. After all, web designers are all about most anything high tech, so that is probably of little concern. Therefore, their competition will also be striving to adopt and implement the very latest technologies, as well. Furthermore, customers will be impressed when a web design portfolio demonstrates the skillful utilization of the most recent web design technologies. Offering such high tech web design portfolio examples illustrates to customers that the web designer is an ambitious, cutting edge go getter, who strives for the best and most efficient ways to do things.

The critical importance of web design portfolios cannot be stressed enough when it comes to the careers of aspiring web designers. Even though there is a huge market for highly skilled web designers, there are also more aspiring web designers than the world needs. Therefore, it is crucial that web designers offer a web design portfolio that provides examples of their very best work. In fact, high quality web design portfolios are the only way that most web designers will ever attract enough clientele to stay in business.

The Key to a Good Web Design Portfolio

While the quality of your work is important to future clients, your adaptability as a designer might be just as essential. Good web design portfolios should show a broad variety of works, demonstrating that you are flexible, versatile, and have the ability to adapt your technique and style to suit each individual task. Every business and every client is different, and if they wanted a cookie-cutter solution to web design, they would use one of the many templates available for free online. That’s why an online portfolio for web designers needs to show diversity in style, subject matter, and technique. Your portfolio should demonstrate that you can create advanced web page designs that express the essence of your subject, matching the client’s branding, tone, and the message they’re trying to convey.

What Else Should You Include in Your Web Design Portfolio?

In addition to displaying your work, your portfolio should say a lot about who you are as a designer and professional.

Sections to include:

  • Brief web designer professional overview or introduction
  • General bio
  • Contact info

Include a professional photo of yourself, your qualifications or web designer education and training, and your work history and resume.

Finally, make sure to update your portfolio regularly to keep it relevant.

The best web design portfolios 2013 might actually inspire a lot of creative people to enter the field themselves. However, it really is not necessarily the best time for people to do so. There are lots of amazing looking websites now. People might assume that this means that it will be easy for them to start doing this sort of design work themselves. It looks much easier than it is, especially for the truly awesome web pages. 

People who are interested in having their own great business websites can certainly hire people who are capable of amazing web design services. Many of these people have created award winning design sites, and they may have worked for these sites themselves. At this point in time, being a web designer can be very stressful, especially for the people who are at the beginning of their careers. Finding a way to get established in a field like this is becoming harder and harder all the time. This is a job that so many people want to do, which means that it is just the sort of field that becomes crowded. However, the people who have a gift for it still might be able to get ahead, and the best design portfolios show that.

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