How Cloud Storage Brokers Can Optimize Your Enterprise

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How Cloud Storage Brokers Can Optimize Your Enterprise

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In a world that demands instant accessibility, the usual methods of hardware storage and data transfer are just no longer cutting it. In recent years, the development of cloud computing has been working to change that. This application allows for the wireless transfer of information as well as data storage that doesn’t require large, energy consuming servers.

It didn’t take long for companies to take notice of the advantages the cloud offered, and even less time to begin implementing it into their system. Cloud storage brokers can setup a system in which multiple departments of a business’ operations can communicate quicker and more effectively. Roughly 59% of large enterprises now use cloud storage because they say it improves integration between development and operations throughout their company.

The idea of a free flowing system of information that requires no hardware can seem complex to many people, however cloud assessment services can conduct an evaluation of a companies system and formulate the best plan for integration. They can work with a business to designate which areas need to be connected and what types of information are being transmitted that so as to optimize data transfer while reducing the need for data center infrastructure.

Some people may feel that not having a physical storage unit for this information isn’t as secure. However, cloud storage brokers are well aware of the sensitive information present in these systems and have extensive security protocols that block any access from unauthorized users. In fact, cloud screening is so secure, that 37% of IT services, entities meant to work with information security transfers, are delivered totally, or partially, by the cloud itself.

Cloud computing has becoming so widespread that 52% of organizations have updated their existing cloud services, or at least have plans to, within the next 12 months. Contact a cloud storage broker today to begin an assessment on how the cloud could improve your enterprise.

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