Small Businesses Are Shifting to Cloud Computing Are You Going to Be Left Behind?

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Small Businesses Are Shifting to Cloud Computing Are You Going to Be Left Behind?

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In an effort to save money and to increase data security, the majority of businesses have turned to cloud computing, or offsite data storage and management. Instead of having in-house networking equipment for computer and telephone systems, about eight out of 10 businesses outsource IT services, which means that a remote location will store information and customer data on their own servers.

Understanding IT service pricing also means understanding the current security risks associated with cloud computing. There are a staggering 80,000 “malware” threats to web services every day, around the world, and there have been a few major cloud breaches in the last several years that resulted in millions of users’ information being compromised.

Most organizations are willing to pay more for private cloud computing and data storage, believing that security in the private cloud is more trustworthy. Almost half of all in-house IT professionals who have the capacity to set company policy do report that they are planning to invest more in cloud security in the near future.

Companies that outsource IT services tend to cite lower costs and increased security for their customers’ data, despite the potential for security breaches. Small businesses may not have the financial resources to maintain onsite servers and may also simply not have the space in their building.

Increasingly, small businesses choose to operate solely online and do not contract to rent a building to conduct business. Understanding IT service pricing can be difficult for smaller businesses that may not understand that while they are paying a bit more for private cloud security, they are also saving the entire cost of hiring an in-house IT professional.

A cloud computing assessment should allow small businesses to determine their needs. Professional network consultants may be able to help determine security needs, the amount of data that needs to be stored and maintained, as well as to help business owners learn about cloud computing, which is still a relatively new technology.


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