How to Prevent a Pipeline Leak

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How to Prevent a Pipeline Leak

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Pipeline networks are known to be the most economic and safest mode of transportation for oil, gases, and other fluid products. However, when a pipeline is damaged in an excavation accident or other incident, the potential repercussions for the ecosystem, local communities, and the company that manages the pipeline can be disastrous. For this reason, in the event of potential damage to a pipeline, it is important to invest in leak detection services to catch any leaks or cracks early on, before they cause serious problems for the area and local residents.

Pipe leak detection typically involves hydrostatic tests, which are conducted after the pipeline is erected, as well as additional leak tests during service. However, helium leak testing is an increasingly popular leak testing procedure that offers a number of benefits for detecting leaks in a pipeline. In this leak detection service, a helium mass spectrometer, a device commonly used to detect and locate small leaks, is connected to a vacuum pumping system. A sealed container filled with helium is then placed in the vacuum chamber. When the helium leak test is conducted, the vacuum system will carry any helium that leaks out of the container into the analyzer cell of the mass spectrometer, where the apparatus will inform the operator and measure the rate of the leak.

Leak detectors are used to test a variety of devices, including equipment used for refrigeration and air conditioning, automotive parts, carbonated beverage containers, food packages, aerosol packaging, and more. Of these products, the helium leak testing procedure is traditionally used to test gas bottles, fire extinguishers, tire valves, vacuum systems, and steam products, among other things. However, due to the effectiveness of this test in detecting small leaks, it has been recognized as having great use in detecting pipeline leaks as well. If you want to protect your environment, your local communities, and your company from the consequences of a pipeline leak, contact a leak detection service today to discuss helium leak detectors.

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