SEO Services Your Competition’s Using Them

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SEO Services Your Competition’s Using Them

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A very important component of website design is search engine optimization (SEO). That’s the technique employed by experienced website developers to insure you the highest possible ranking in the results displayed when people search online.

SEO services professionals understand that three quarters of search engine users never look past the first page of search results. And web site design is crucial, because it’s the primary factor determining your credibility, according to 46% of individuals surveyed. Even something as simple as load time can affect consumer response. 40% of searchers will move on if a site takes more than three seconds to load. And with every additional second, you lose more of them.

Leads obtained as a result of utilizing SEO services have a 14.6% rate of closing, compared to just 1.7% for those brought in by more conventional advertising methods.

Have you considered adding and maintaining a blog? That one step can increase your web traffic about 55%. Surveys show that business-to-business companies with blogs get about 67% more leads than those that don’t have them.

Another tool used to great advantage by successful businesses is social media. Just six hours a week spent on social media can increase traffic to your web site, say the results reported by 74% of marketers.

Utilizing both a blog and social media, you’ll potentially be reaching the 80% of internet users who devote 23% of their online time to those activities.

It’s also interesting to note that fully half of the searches initiated from mobile devices are hoping to find local results. And 61% of those result in a purchase.

It’s easy to see how an internet marketing company that employs sophisticated SEO services can raise your company’s online profile so you clearly stand out from your competition. And there definitely are benefits to be gained in terms of leads and eventual sales from taking advantage of a web design company’s knowledge and experience to polish the online image of your business.

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