The Yin and Yang Behind Successful Marketing Methods

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The Yin and Yang Behind Successful Marketing Methods

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No matter how good a product or service is, there needs to be some way to inform consumers that your company exists in an over-crowded business world. Mastering advertisement is crucial to the success of any business: here are two of the most effective marketing approaches.

Broadcast Advertising: the Booming Voice of Marketing

Whether on television, radio, or across the internet, marketers are able to reach out to a large number of clients. When most people think of advertising strategies, these are often the most direct and easily recognizable. Many argue that the television is being replaced in many households as the primary source of entertainment and information by the internet: a number of the most successful marketing strategies incorporate digital forms of advertising including pay per click, search engine optimization, blogging, and even using social media profiles dedicated to businesses.

Printing Services: Flexible Advertising Strategies for the Modern World

In our ever-growing digital world, it may be easy for marketers to forget about the physical one we all occupy. Physical advertising is done principally with the aid of commercial printing companies. Most people imagine the services provided by commercial printing companies to be limited to paper, but commercial printing companies have much more to offer. Many commercial printing companies are equipped to create unique and innovative advertising solutions that work. Up to 84% of Americans recognize a company’s name if they have received a promotional gift with that company’s logo on it. Using commercial printing companies to create outdoor signs and billboards has a similar effect to broadcast advertising (depending on location), but costs 80% less than television advertising and 50% less than radio advertising. Nearly half of Americans polled stated that vinyl car wraps produced by commercial printing companies are the single most unique advertising medium available: this combines the mobility of a car with the viewing power of a billboard.

While both marketing strategies are effective, keen advertisers will recognize that they are not opposing, but simply two sides of the same coin: three out of every four small businesses utilize broadcast advertising in conjunction with commercial printing companies to get the best of both worlds.

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