Take Advantage of the Best Internet Out There! Why You Should Check Out Fixed Wireless

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Take Advantage of the Best Internet Out There! Why You Should Check Out Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless internet service

There are almost 300 million users on the Internet in the United States and almost four billion global Internet users, as of 2017. We spend an average of almost six and a half hours on the Internet daily and in 2017, 70% of Americans went on the Internet daily. Needless to say — we use the Internet a lot. Have a question or a debate that needs settling? Check the Internet. Need the most up to date news or a dress for an event? Check the Internet. Want to see what your friends are up to and what the tour schedule for that new band is? Check the Internet. However, all of this relies on having reliable access to an Internet connection. Many of us get our Internet through fiber optic cable, DSL or cable television lines, but there is another way: fixed wireless broadband.

What is Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Access All About?

Instead of our Internet coming over cable lines, fixed wireless broadband offers us a connection through radio signals instead. The wireless service provides a connection in the exact location where it needs to be and can support speeds at the rate of 30 Mbps, nor do they enforce a data cap. Using fixed wireless Internet means you don’t have to worry about needing phone lines or cable lines — so if your power goes out, you may still have access to your Internet service.

This is also a great way to link service to more rural areas, that may not have a cable TV line or fiber optics capabilities, as well, spreading out the technology to areas where it could be very useful.

What are the Advantages of Using a Fixed Wireless Broadband Provider?
Fixed wireless is very reliable, since it beams in your connection right where it should go. With a fiber optic network, your broadband might travel through different states or run underground. Bad weather in another state, road work, or other types of construction could all disrupt your Internet service — frustrating, if you rely on your Internet for work, especially since your service provider has limited reach in preventing that.

Fixed wireless also provides less lag time in your connection. You always want a lower latency when it comes to your Internet, as it will result in you seeing better call quality, connection, visuals, and prevent video conference sessions or webpages from timing out. All in all, it will provide you with a better Internet experience.

If you use fixed wireless, rather than a satellite connection for your Internet, you may also see a drop in costs. Monthly charges and the fees for installation may both go down and you won’t be locked into a long-term contract, which benefits you, should you need to switch later on down the road. The installation time is also quick — four or five days, compared to fiber lines, which can take weeks.

There are also no data caps when it comes to fixed wireless. You can do as much or as little on the Internet as you please. Streaming music? Fine. Downloading or uploading big data-heavy files? Fine. Switching to VoIP phones? Also fine, with fixed wireless.

In essence, fixed wireless provides fast connection with better reliability. Why wouldn’t you want to try it out?

How Do I Tell If It’s Available in My Area?

Many Internet service providers
offer fixed wireless to their customers. You’d need to check out their page to see what their area of coverage is and what their prices look like. If there’s more than one provider who happens to offer fixed wireless service, be sure to do your homework and do a comparison between the two providers before making your ultimate decision.

Be smart about your Internet. Consider looking into fixed wireless Internet as an option and see what advantages it can bring to your life.

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