Technology Provides Essential Services to Both Individuals and Businesses

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Technology Provides Essential Services to Both Individuals and Businesses

Banks, school districts, hospital systems, and entire city governments rely on technology. From updating account balances to recording attendance and grades to knowing what part of the city is affected by a power outage, we rely on large computer systems. What we may not realize, however, is that those computer systems that hold all of the information are part of a much larger data storage and retrieval system. That larger system relies on data center, entire spaces specifically designed to hold rack after rack of equipment. Equipment that is specifically maintained to be the real backbone of the technology that we rely on every day.

By tracking and monitoring detailed information about everything from immersion cooling GPU requirements to the latest green cooling solutions, there are a number of temporary mobile data center containers as well as permanent data center servers that help keep information save and accessible.

Data Centers Play Important Roles in Many Businesses and Service Platforms

Technology has played a vital role in the businesses that we depend on and the services that we need for several decades. As more and more information is moved to a digital platform, however, it is important to realize that there are now layers of support systems that help maintain these digital platforms. And while many of these essential data centers that have been in service are still effective, the fact of the matter is that any data centers that are more than seven years old are considered out of date as per green computing norms. As a result, data center managers are constantly tracking the effectiveness of many details, including immersion cooling GPU ratings and other pieces of technical information.

Consider some of these other facts and figures about the data center industry and the impact that it has on the digital lives that we all live:

  • Compared to air based cooling, liquid immersion cooling requires 25% lower implementation costs.
  • Saving up to 99% electricity compared to traditional data centers, centers that use liquid immersion cooling are compact, modular, green, and highly efficient.
  • Consuming about 3% of all the globally generated power, global data center energy consumption is increasing as data centers typically run round the clock.
  • Immersing servers in liquid has shown to improve rack density, cooling capacity, data center design, as well as location options.
  • The global data center liquid cooling market is expected to reach $4.55 billion by the year 2023.

Everyone relies on technology for their day to day lives, but not all of us understand the complex systems that are behind the technologies that we use on a daily basis. Fortunately, the data center industry does, including immersion cooling GPU requirements.

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