The Medical Industry and HIPAA SMS

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The Medical Industry and HIPAA SMS

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Physicians and others who work in the health care industry are becoming more and more interested in HIPAA SMS. HIPAA SMS has to do with Hipaa compliant text messaging software. Texting among doctors and medical staff is on the rise and quickly over taking the use of pagers. When doctors, hospitals and others in the healthcare industry can communicate with each other via text messages it helps to ease communications and get information to doctors quicker.

There was a recent survey done by the University of Kansas School of Medicine involving 106 pediatricians who were using HIPAA SMS. Out of the 106 doctors surveyed who were using HIPAA SMS, 27% stated that they preferred texting as their preferred method of communicating with others on staff. Only 23% preferred using pagers, and 21% preferred in person communications. It is interesting to note that 57% admitted to using cell phones to text and receive work related messages among themselves and hospital staff. The conclusion of the survey leads one to believe that there is a trending shift in the way doctors and hospital staff are communicating with one another.

Because HIPAA SMS is becoming more popular it is important to know that there are businesses that make apps for people who work in the medical industry. Doctors that would like to receive and send patient info on their smart phones can use HIPAA SMS software. Right now not many hospitals offer software that can encrypts text messages. It is important to use HIPAA SMS compliant software for medical communications to protect patient privacy. It is highly critical not to violate HIPAA privacy laws. Using HIPAA SMS compliant software can eliminate concerns over breaking HIPAA rules.

Certain companies that use advanced technologies to make medical apps for smart phones can integrate software into a single usable format that is HIPAA compliant and safe to use for HIPAA SMS text messaging. If you are in the medical industry you can look for more information online from vendors who make medical apps for HIPAA SMS and get the help you need to safely communicate with others in the medical industry via text messaging.

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