The Most Common Barrier To A Successful Company Hire Is Also The Easiest To Avoid

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The Most Common Barrier To A Successful Company Hire Is Also The Easiest To Avoid

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Hiring is a tedious process…for both parties. Businesses want to ensure positions are being filled by qualified applicants that can bring a long-term investment to the company, while employees are eager to find a part-time or full-time position that can help them live their fullest life. How can we find the happiest balance between giving everyday people a chance while maintaining necessary standards for quality? A restructuring consulting firm can give you the tools you need to muscle through these rough times. Rather than simply hiring people for you, a career placement agency can give you the know-how required to navigate a saturated market.

Let’s take a look at the challenges the average small business and large company alike are facing. Over two million workers voluntarily left their jobs at the end of June back in 2015. That’s a 25% increase compared to just two years ago. What’s changed? Well, according to a recent Gallup poll Millennials are now dubbed the ‘Job Hopping Generation’. As many as six out of 10 will be open to a new job at any given point of time compared to generations that came before.

What else should you know before hiring a restructuring consulting firm? Checking out diversity initiatives certainly won’t hurt. McKinsey has conducted ongoing research to assess the positive impact diversity-oriented hiring practices have on businesses and the results are impressive, to say the least. Research has shown gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their competitors. When it comes to ethnically-diverse companies? A whopping 35% more likely.

There’s more than just obtaining the ideal hire. There’s keeping said hire. Unsatisfied employees are the most likely to leave their position and head to greener pastures. What can your business do beyond a restructuring consulting firm to encourage them to stick around? According to a recent Gallup poll, a mere two out of 10 workers believe their manager is doing a good job of engaging with them and encouraging them to do their best work.

That’s not all, though. There’s a bright side to outplacement consulting giving you tips on the current landscape. Over 85% of companies with employee recognition programs in place have cited a notable increase in worker happiness. These are designed to acknowledge the hard work people put in every day, with the added incentive of encouraging workers to up their game and keep the business flourishing from the inside out. With HR consulting on your side, you won’t be stuck up a creek without a paddle again.

Executive staffing agencies are filled with experts who keep an ear to the ground and an eye on what’s keeping businesses and employees from hitting that happy balance. A survey provided by Robert Half found that one-third of the 1,400 executives surveyed felt the largest obstacle to a good hire was a poor skills match. This means that a significant amount of insufficient hires could be nipped in the bud during the screening process. The second most common reason was unclear performance objectives, which goes right back to tools like employee recognition programs and better communication.

Why waste time and money on results that don’t stick? Outplacement consulting firms are the middleman between profit and employee satisfaction. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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