Three Reasons Why Companies Employ Professional Web Designers

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Three Reasons Why Companies Employ Professional Web Designers

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It can be difficult for businesses to get off the ground — and for that matter, many once-strong businesses are now dying. Why? The fact is that they just can’t compete the way they used to, in part because of business’s increasing reliance on the internet. It is virtually impossible for most businesses and companies to become and stay competitive without an online presence. This is for a number of reasons, which we’ll explore below; but really, the main issue is that consumers are turning to the internet to do their shopping and their research. Even if a business markets services rather than single products, it’s much more beneficial for those services to be marketed online rather than through things like print advertising and brick and mortar stores. However, it’s one thing to want a website, and another thing entirely to actually create one. Web design and development is a complex process, and is best accomplished through the use of a professional website designing business. A website designing business can not only provide the website their client needs, but in many cases, advise on things like website security solutions, website updates, and general online marketing. Below, we’ll look into a few of the factors that a website designing business will address while creating the right sites for their clientele.

1. Mobile Accessibility

Mobile accessibility is one of the greatest issues facing companies that already have websites. This is because many of the websites existing today were created before the development of mobile accessible websites. Mobile accessibility is a more recent aspect of web development. What it means, essentially, is that a website accessible through a typical desktop computer is also accessible through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A lot of people in this day and age like to browse the internet through their phones in particular, and do a lot of research on mobile devices. If a website isn’t mobile accessible, it’s difficult if not impossible to load on a phone, and looks outdated. Often, this is a frustrating experience for browsers — they’ll simply abandon the site and move on. Right now, it’s believed that 62% of companies that have mobile accessible websites see increased sales. It makes perfect sense: the more widely available a website is, the easier it is for people to find them, and therefore the companies that own those websites. A professional website designing business can transition a website from desktop accessibility to mobile accessibility, giving it a much broader outreach range.

2. Efficiency

As seen above, mobile accessibility is an aspect of web design that makes websites look up to date and appealing. However, efficiency is just as important, if not perhaps more so. Many out of date websites — and websites made without the help of professionals — are slow to load and difficult to navigate, rendering them inefficient. This defeats the point of using a website in the first place, as it’s meant to be accessible and efficient. But it also gives the impression of a lack of professionalism; a professional website is an up to date one. Right now, research indicates that 47% of people expect a website to load within seconds. A website can lose its credibility in a remarkably short amount of time, with most users forming an opinion of a site within 50 milliseconds of it loading. The more efficient and fast a website is, the better a user’s opinion will be, and while most of us don’t know how to make a site run quickly, a web designer will.

3. Appearance

Looks may be deceiving — but they usually aren’t in terms of a website’s design, and most people take a web design at face value. If it’s clunky and outdated, or simply ugly, a lot of people will be turned off of a website and move on. By having an updated and appealing web design, you’ll be more likely to draw in potential customers and clients. It’s no different from having a nice-looking storefront.

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