Three Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Three Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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If you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of SEO this late in the game, you’re probably pretty far behind your competition in your industry. It’s essential these days to be marketing online, which always starts with a multi-pronged search engine optimization strategies. Interestingly enough, this goes beyond onsite optimization and content marketing though. These days, all small businesses need to be branching out into social media. The benefits of social media marketing for small business are clear, but the trouble is that many small business owners don;t know what they’re doing. Here are three common mistakes.

1. Joining too many different sites.
One social media trap that small business owners fall into is joining way too many social media sites at once. They think that the more social media site they’re a member of, the better, but that simply is not true. Just because you’re on a social media site doesn’t mean you’re going to reach your target audience. Do your homework and select just a few different sites to join and make sure to maintain those presences. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

2. Making tasteless posts or updates.
Another problem that small business owners have with social media is making a controversial post or update. Gaffes like these happen every single day and depending on how offensive it is, your brand might not recover well from it. Stay neutral and avoid commenting on controversial things. If a post seems like it might garner some negative attention, it probably will. It’s better to play it safe in cases like these.

3. Not engaging enough.
Another problem small business owners run into with their social media efforts is not engaging enough. Social media is not a one time effort — it’s something that needs frequent updating. This is something that small business SEO services can take care of for you if you think you need to outsource, but the point is that you need to keep up with and maintain social media.

Are you guilty of making any of these social media mistakes or are you seeing any of the benefits of social media marketing? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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